Flying Private vs Commercial for Business


Business travelers have specific needs. They need to get from one destination to the next efficiently and on time. They may need to travel to multiple cities in a single day. And they need to be able to keep working in transit.

How much is a private jet in 2021? How does flying by a private jet like a Legacy 650 charter compare to flying commercial for business? There are a few distinct differences.

Available Flight Times

Commercial airlines fly established routes on set schedules, with a limited number of seats going from point A to point B on a given day. That means business travelers need to consider available flight times when they’re setting meetings.

On the other hand, taking a private jet charter Los Angeles to New York allows a business traveler to set their own schedule for takeoff and landing. Private jets may also be able to take a different route than a larger commercial plane, reducing the amount of time spent in the air. The additional flexibility in scheduling allows those flying by private jet to adapt their day to the demands of their business.

Private jet passengers also avoid long lines at the ticket counter and airport security, saving precious time. That convenience combined with a flexible schedule can allow for taking multiple flights in a day, making business dealings more productive.

Flight Destinations

Travelers flying on commercial airlines have a set list of options for destinations. For those flying into a given state, those options will typically include any major metropolitan area, as well as a handful of smaller, regional airports. Those airports may or may not be close to a meeting location or site visit.

The best private aviation companies are able to fly jets like a Legacy 650 charter in to a wider variety of airports that includes private landing strips, getting travelers closer to their final destination. That proximity eliminates unnecessary ground travel, making it possible to spend more time solidifying business relationships and less time riding in a rental car.

Productivity In Transit

Stopping work for several hours during the day isn’t an option for many business travelers. In a fast-moving industry, it’s vital to stay connected and keep moving, even in the air between destinations. First-class and business-class passengers on commercial airlines will have access to wireless connections, a phone line and enough space to set up a laptop. What they might not be able to find is the privacy needed to conduct business confidently and efficiently.

Private jet passengers are able to continue business meetings and negotiations as effectively in transit as on the ground. The privacy afforded by jet travel allows for confidential conversations and meetings that aren’t possible in the more public setting of a commercial aircraft. Additionally, those traveling by private jet can bring along business associates or potential clients on the flight, making it possible to have in-person conversations and form stronger connections.

In choosing whether to fly first-class on a commercial airline or selecting a private flight on a Legacy 650 charter, today’s business traveler can consider differences in scheduling, convenience and productivity.


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