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Investing in a start-up is a daunting task. You have worked on creating the perfect idea “on paper”. You are hopeful and optimistic about jumping on the bandwagon of the “start-up era”. Still, you definitely need money to don the cloth of practicality and movement to your abstraction. You need money. You need capital. Finding an investor or applying for a bank loan is an option. However, more people nowadays seem to be getting into crowdfunding — a novel way to fund start-ups.

Marketing your idea is not an easy feat. Marketing and money are the two major concerns for a newbie entrepreneur. Crowdfunding is the solution to a lot of these problems. It is quickly becoming a valuable pit stop for investors investing in both big and small projects. With the help of such alternative finance, you can invest your money in a potentially booming market or project. It is also a great way to become a part of something great or beneficial to the economy or society in general. Apple’s third co-founder, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake for a measly $800 in 1976. 40 years later, the same shares were valued at 70 million dollars! Well, not all of us can be as lucky or unlucky at the same time as Wayne, but crowdfunding is a breeding ground for the most creative and lucrative business ideas.

These avenues are offered in the business social network called Freldo. As of now, Freldo is flourishing in the US and Canada. It is a need-based medium gluing investors and entrepreneurs for fruitful business ventures. Freldo has embarked on the journey of funding an extensive range of entrepreneurial ventures such as artistic, creative, social, medical, and community-oriented projects.

Crowdfunding is The Most Popular Way of Funding Start-ups

After you have envisioned and developed your idea and thought deeply about its pros and cons, look towards crowdfunding for the next major step. It is not just a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs but also for the investors to earn profits.

Having a great idea and then convincing an investor to fund your project is very difficult. The investor has probably seen many starry-eyed, struggling entrepreneurs in their lives. You may be sent packing before you even speak up. Coupled with that, poor persuasive skills and the gravity of demanding big bucks from a superior authority are also obstacles to obtaining cash for your business bash! Crowdfunding makes this dreaded leap a bit easier. It opens up a platform to enlighten people about your start-up and announce fundraising for a venture. Other rewards include:

  1. Valuable time and energy are saved as endless networks can be formed via the internet or social media.
  2. Globalization usage brings the investors and thinkers closer together.
  3. Precious feedback on the usefulness or practicality of your project can be gained by the internet as they could be your potential “consumers”.

Kickstarter, a popular, public-benefit corporation also works on the principles of crowdfunding. It is widely used and accredited for its effectiveness. Few examples of its successes are below.

  1. The electronic color paper idea was supported by more than 78,000 small investors from which they collected $20million.
  2. The idea of a travel-jacket with a neck pillow for travelers bagged almost $9 million from 45, 000 people.
  3. The new board game, which improves your focus and analytical skills, was supported by 155,000 people and attracted almost $6.5 million.

If it hadn’t been for crowdfunding, these innovative ideas could never have been materialized.

Freldo Startup is Live on Kickstarter

Freldo is a new project on kickstarter that surely deserves attention. It has already made its mark by proving to be useful for both investors and consumers. A new idea of creating a mobile app is in the works. This feature will expand and simplify access to social network users.

Customers are given cash bonuses for using the network after a new crowd-funding deal is made. Apart from that, freldo also provides dividends. The amount of bonus can accumulate to about $1000. This bonus can be spent on the payment of goods or services provided by freldo. If you invest $100, you get a $500freldocertificate (equal to 50, 000 freldo points). A further bonus certificate for $500 is given on buying Freldo goods and services. Freldo certificate is a great way to save money when ordering services or goods from service providers.

Freldo management has reported that part of the money raised at crowdfunding will go to charity. Thus, the whole community of social networks and the Freldo team will show a commendable example of moral standards.

The most obvious conclusion is that using Freldo is a great way to “kick-start your project”. High-quality service, effective use of money, valuable savings, and charity participation are some of its best features. Advise Freldo to your friends and family so that it continues to thrive!

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