Frontier Vs. Spectrum – Quick Comparison


We hear so much about new ISPs making their way into the market every now and then that it makes it difficult to choose one provider that meets your needs. With popular and well-reputed providers like Frontier and Spectrum, the decision becomes even more difficult, considering the competitive prices and benefits they have to offer.

If you are confused between Spectrum and Frontier, we have done an in-depth comparison of both.

Frontier Internet Availability By States

Frontier internet is available in the following states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Connecticut
  5. Florida
  6. Illinois
  7. Georgia
  8. Indiana
  9. Iowa
  10. Mississippi
  11. Nebraska
  12. Nevada
  13. Michigan
  14. Minnesota
  15. New Mexico
  16. New York
  17. North Carolina
  18. Ohio
  19. Tennessee
  20. Texas
  21. Utah
  22. Pennsylvania
  23. South Carolina
  24. West Virginia
  25. Wisconsin

Spectrum Internet Availability By States

Spectrum internet is available in the following states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arkansas
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Hawaii
  10. Idaho
  11. Illinois
  12. Indiana
  13. Kansas
  14. Kentucky
  15. Louisiana
  16. Maine
  17. Maryland
  18. Massachusetts
  19. Michigan
  20. Minnesota
  21. Mississippi
  22. Missouri
  23. Montana
  24. Nebraska
  25. Nevada
  26. New Hampshire
  27. New Jersey
  28. New Mexico
  29. New York
  30. North Carolina
  31. Ohio
  32. Oregon
  33.  Pennsylvania
  34. Rhode Island
  35. South Carolina
  36. Tennessee
  37. Texas
  38. Utah
  39. Vermont
  40. Virginia
  41. Washington
  42. West Virginia
  43. Wisconsin
  44. Wyoming

Frontier Internet Plans

Frontier is one of the largest internet providers in the US. Along with the internet, you can also get its remarkable TV and phone services. There are a bunch of TV and internet bundles that are very convenient and cost efficient. Frontier currently provides DSL internet connections, along with fiber optic internet and cable internet in select areas.

Overview of Frontier internet

  • Available in 29 states
  • Frontier fiber optic is in 4 states only
  • Cheapest plans start at $37.99/mo.
  • DSL internet speeds vary from location to location
  • $75 professional installation
  • $10 rental fee
  • No data caps

Internet plans

  1. Basic internet plan

The basic internet plan includes the lowest internet speed, 6 mbps. If you need internet for casual browsing, email checking and social media scrolling, then this plan is for you. The plan costs only $37.99/mo.

  1. Frontier 50 Mbps internet

Frontier 50 Mbps is also a fiber Optic plan for users who need it for light usage only such as light streaming, and lightweight media sharing. It costs about $49.99/mo.  And offers speeds up to 50 Mbps. Frontier 500 Mbps internet

Looking for an internet plan in a family home with loads of users and multiple devices consuming internet at the same time? Frontier premium internet plan has a speed of 500mbps, which is ideal for such users. With unlimited data caps, this plan costs about $59.99/mo.

3. Gig service

Looking for something more solid than DSL internet? The 1 gig fiber internet by Frontier is popular for its fast speeds and market competitive price of $79/mo. It is ideal for multitaskers, binge watchers, and gamers all in one place together.

Spectrum Internet Plans

With contract-less plans, competitive TV and internet bundles, excellent customer support and wider availability, Spectrum Internet plans does give Frontier internet a tough competition. It is known for its flexible plans and pocket-friendly pricing. It also has unlimited data, so that’s a huge competition to other ISPs in the market too.

Overview of Spectrum internet

  • Available in 46 states
  • Internet and TV bundles start at $89.99/mo.
  • No contract for select plans
  • No cancellation charges
  • Bill increases after a period of 2 years
  • Cable internet, which is faster than DSL
  • $49.99 professional installation fee
  • $9.99 self-installation fee
  • $5 rental fee

Internet plans 

  1. Spectrum internet 200

200 mbps of download speeds is excellent for absolutely anybody. It is good for HD streaming and binge watching, HD video conferencing and gaming too. The plan costs $49.99.

  1. Spectrum internet ultra

The internet Ultra plan includes 400 mbps of download speeds, along with unlimited data. It costs $69.99/mo.

3. Spectrum internet Gig

Compared to Frontier, Spectrum’s 1 gig internet plan does have a higher cost of $109/mo. However, you also get a contract-less plan, with no cancellation fees, less equipment rental fees and unlimited data caps too. Plus, Frontier’s internet coverage is not as wide as Spectrum’s, so this might be the only option for some people.

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The Decision

All in all, there are many similar perks and benefits you get with both providers, such as unlimited data and 1-gig internet option. However, the final choice will depend on your area’s availability and the internet connection type you prefer. If you want something more future proof and reliable, then Frontier’s fiber optic internet is a better option.


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