5 Fun IOT Devices To Help You Watch Your Pet While You’re Away


When you get a pet, you love them like a child and want to do anything to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. However, sometimes you have to leave the house and go places where animals are not permitted, like work, the doctor’s office, an upscale restaurant, or on a vacation. When they’re young, it makes sense to have a dog sitter come over and watch your fur baby while you’re gone for extended periods, but for short trips to the grocery store, it might not be worth it to pay for a sitter for just 30-40 minutes.

In these cases, investing in an IoT (Internet of Things) device can be well worth it. An IoT device is easy to use and connects wirelessly to your home network, requiring only high-speed satellite internet, and in the case of pets, it can be a camera that you set up wherever your pet is contained while home alone so that you can keep an eye on them.

Curious about which IoT product might be the best one for you? Check out the list below that we’ve compiled that we know you’ll love and find the best device for your pet.

1) Pebby Robotic Pet Sitter

Meet Pebby, your go-to entertainment device to use for your pet when you’re too far away to play with them as you normally would. Pebby is essentially a smart collar and ball system which started out on Kickstarter and quickly became popular with pet owners. The system comes with the signature ball, motion sensor collar, charging station, and the app that you can download for free from iTunes or Google Play. The system works in two ways: you can use the ball on its own to entertain your pet by controlling the path and the motion of the ball (which includes driving it into its unique charging station when its running low on battery) or by using it with the collar to sync with the smart ball and track your pet’s activity throughout the day.

You can even keep tabs on their mobility levels, sleep patterns, and more. Plus, with two-way communication capabilities, you can speak to your pet from the ball and listen to them bark or meow back at you. To make it even better, the Pebby ball is waterproof, making it durable even if your rowdy pet splashes it into their water bowl.

2) Pintofeed

If you have a pet, you probably know the worried feeling of watching your pet scarf down food knowing that they will probably be sick from it later. Controlling your pet’s food intake can be even more difficult when you’re away from home, but with Pintofeed, your problem is solved. Pintofeed is an automatic smart feeding system that allows you to use your smartphone to feed your furry friend. Using the app, you can do this from absolutely anywhere, making it perfect for those days when you’re stuck in the office til late in the evening.

Being a smart device, Pintofeed takes in information to learn more about your pet’s daily eating routine so that it can make a schedule. Once the system has completed feeding your pet, it sends a text notification to your phone letting you know how much breakfast, lunch, or dinner your little buddy consumed.

3) FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

Humans aren’t the only ones who need fitness trackers! Your pets, especially the one who’d rather chew on a bone all day than go for a walk, could also benefit from a smart device such as the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. A small device that can be easily attached to your pup’s collar, the tracker syncs with your smartphone to track your doggo’s activity, sleep, and play 24/7. FitBark can even keep an eye on any possible health conditions your dog may have and lets you know if they are sick by sending a list of their activity details to your phone that can be relayed to your veterinarian.

Perfect for owners who may not be able to be home as often as they’d like, the FitBark is your ideal device to making sure your pet is safe, healthy, and happy even when you’re not close enough to check on your own.

4) Petcube

As pet owners, we all know how sad it can be to leave your pet after a great weekend of playtime and return to the office. Now, however, devices like Petcube give us an extra dose of comfort throughout our day. An interactive WiFi pet camera, Petcube can be controlled easily through their mobile app where you can watch your pet’s activities through a live feed, zoom in on them, and communicate with them via the device’s 2-way audio.

To take this monitoring device a step further, there’s even a pet-safe laser installed in it that you can use to entertain and play with your pet from anywhere in the world. And, when they start rolling over and being cutesy, you can snap a pic from the app so that you never miss a snuggly, adorable moment.

5) Whistle

For outside pets, or pets with a sense of adventure, it can be scary leaving them home alone knowing that they may break their leash or stray too far from home. This can apply in particular to cats who spend most of their time outdoors while you’re at work. With Whistle, a GPS tracker for dogs and cats, you can take the fear out of leaving for the day with this device that knows the location of your pet 24/7. By using fast and accurate tracking technology, Whistle transfers essential data from its position on your pet’s collar directly to your smartphone and lets you know via notification if your pet has gone too far from home. Whether your pet has gone 3 miles or 3,000 miles away, Whistle will be able to track them down and bring them home to you, safe and sound.


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