How Local Tradesmen Can Get More Clients


The tradesman industry is incredibly competitive and new clients can be hard to come by. Many tradesmen rely on recommendations for work and, while word of mouth is great free advertising, there are other routes you can follow.

Get online

The majority of tradesmen don’t have a brick-and-mortar high-street shop window, so your website is your storefront. It should have a simple, but engaging design – reflecting the complex, but practically delivered work you do – and build with a steady stream of relevant content. Once you have the foundations of a solid website, complete with quality content, you will generate many new clients. Content can include blogs, a portfolio of previous work, tips and tricks for budding tradesmen, or special offers. Keep it pertinent, and keep it interesting.

Social Media shouldn’t be undermined

As well as a good website, social media is another platform on which to generate more clients. If you manage the right strategy, Facebook alone can attract an abundance of new clients. Plus, for a reasonable price, Facebook ads will displayyour work to thousands of potential local new customers.

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Offer a discount

Often, pricing is one of the reasons why a potential customer may seem reluctant. Try offering a discount, as this is a great way for customers to afford your work.

Offline branding

As the majority of your clients are likely to come from recommendations, your business can be described as a “word of mouth” operation. This is why it’s important for your offline branding to look great. This is how your customers will notice and, crucially, remember you. Establish yourself as a brand by creating a logo and adorning it on your van, or uniform. You can get a business logo designed for next to nothing, and be represented by this icon for a long time.

Partner up

Collaborating with other businesses is a surprisingly effective way to promote your services to a new audience. Agree, whether it is formally or informally, with a business that offers different products or services, that you will refer each other to your respective, existing clients. Collaborative relationships should be supported, as they really can be beneficial for growing your business. However, select your prospective collaborative partner wisely, as a business with a negative reputation can actually deter customers of both. Negative reputations can stem from something as simple as not having public liability insurance – which is essential for a UK tradesman – to having a list of poor reviews. Public liability from constructaquote protects you small business against unexpected accidents.

Leaflet distribution

While much of the modern day may now be lived online, the old age method of leaflet distribution is far from dead. So called “flyering” can still be highly effective, so take your new logo and plaster it on a flyer, complete with a list of services you offer alongside, contact information. Whether you’re simply advertising your business or broadcasting a promotion, leaflets are another great way to make a lasting visual impact. We concede that door-to-door leaflet distribution can be very time consuming, so try and opt for public car parks and residential communal areas. You can even head to local shops with a bundle and hand them to waiting customers.

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