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Therapeutic compounds having like properties with anabolic steroids, but without pronounced androgenic properties, form a group knSARMs. own as SARM simply means Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. You can check here for more explanation. The lack of androgenic properties means that SARMs do not have the side effects characteristic of steroid use; such as, harm to the liver, acne, male breast growth, acne, testicles’ shrinking, increased hair growth, menstrual cycle disruption, voice deepening, and such.

SARMs ability to specify androgen receptor and select tissues imbues them with their lesser androgenic effect. As a result of their ability to make a difference between androgenic and anabolic tasks, they offer therapeutic value in diverse medical situations that may include cancer, osteoporosis, hypogonadism and many body tissue wasting diseases. SARMs, for some, represents a potential step in the direction of safer classes of androgenic substances.

They have become patronized also for just performance reasons due to their enhancement properties resulting from their anabolic activities of building up body molecules. As a result of the added advantage they can give in competitions, with other similar agents, they are prohibited in sports.

Some SARMs are sold as dietary supplements but it should be noted that this is not legal; and could expose unsuspecting athletes to bans and other risks. In spite of all of the above, the popularity of these chemicals among bodybuilders and fitness models keeps growing.

The Best SARMs Operate in Specificity

SARMs have a special promise and attraction for female users of steroids. The best offer all the benefits of steroids but without their dangers. Those who desire to boost their strength without fear of increased bodily hair can opt for them. Those who desire burning off fat without fear of ending up with a deep masculine voice can opt for them.

For men, they can pursue bulking up without fear of enlarged breasts just as they can maximize their workout time without fear of shrinking testicles. The ability of these drugs to target the exact tissues in need of anabolic activity makes a whole lot of difference.

Androgens used in replacement therapy for the male hormone testosterone are mainly injectable or topical testosterone formulations (or formulations of its esters –propionate, cypionate or enanthate). Injectable testosterone creates adverse fluctuation in the level of testosterone in the blood. At some time, very high levels immediately after taking the injection; at other times, very low.

The desire for a more stable level encouraged the use of skin patches. Though these actually provide some stability, they leave the unpleasant effect of irritation on the spot of application. The requirement of frequent application also makes it undesirable for some others.

The Best SARMs Offer Result without Side Effects

The best SARMs are meant to come to the rescue with their capability to select their target receptors differently, even in different tissues. The idea achieved being customizing the response. That is, targeted tissues responding as though to testosterone and non-targeted tissues being denied their own response which in this case is what we call the side effects of the anabolic steroid. So in this manner of specific selection of receptor tissues, the non-targeted tissues, where side effects are usually produced, are barred from producing these side effects. The best SARMs available to you, as a result, would produce the desired result while leaving out the side effects.

For instance, a SARM that targets muscle tissue and bones while having little action on the prostrate and testes becomes the preferred substance in the treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia in elderly men. In the case of women, a SARM that can engender bone preservation, libido or other activities that androgens would have stimulated while sidetracking male gender attributes will be preferred. These are examples where the specific selection capabilities of SARMs make them very useful in therapeutic applications.

The best SARMs for sale such as Ligandrol (LGD-4033), Testolone (RAD140), Andarine (S4), Cardarine (GW 501516), Ibutamoren (MK-677) and others would be found very useful in body enhancement purposes as well as for therapeutic purposes. Just like you would for any other product, identifying genuine SARMs would require due diligence. Often, reviews and third party analysis of drug ingredients is key. Thankfully, there are reputable sites to aid you in case you desire to buy now.

A Drug of the Future

SARMs are still largely being researched on so the claims made about them cannot be guaranteed with exactitude. Also, the adverse reactions they may have on users may not have been categorically spelt out. The implication is that those who desire to use SARMs should do it with guidance. When used in moderation, they prove a very good replacement to androgen steroids.

Unfortunately, outside their medicinal uses, and we are talking of uses for body enhancement and performance in competitions, users are likely to use doses that are ten times, and in some instances a hundred times, higher than is medically approved. You therefore have a situation where whereas they are faithfully separating anabolic functions from androgen functions, you are exposed to health risks especially with regards to your liver due to large intake.

Having these health risks in mind, a lot of those who prefer SARMs to the regular testosterone based steroid, regulate their usage to limited intervals. This is so as to avoid flooding the liver with tasks that may break it down. So, you have a period of intake and another period of abstinence.

Because of the potentials SARMs offer, researchers have shown interest, hoping that it will bring about the needed replacement of anabolic steroids. They also hope that for medical purposes, a substance that can produce anabolic action that can be very beneficial in tissue replacement, and not produce the undesired side effects will at last be found – or has been found.


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