Gold IRA Companies Review


Most savvy investors know that gold is and has always been a stable form of investment when compared to other commodities. Hence, many investors who are planning their retirement are investing in gold IRAs.

This wise decision ensures that the investor’s wealth is preserved against inflation and market volatility. Apart from that, it also enables a person to diversify their portfolio. While this form of investment is similar to the traditional IRA, the difference is that the commodities invested in are precious metals and gold stands at the forefront of the pack. You can check out Gold Storm IRA Investing to learn more.

To open and manage a gold IRA account, you will need to get a custodian. This company will be responsible for managing all the required transactions such as purchasing the precious metal and even storing it themselves if they are an official depository. If they aren’t an official depository, they are saddled with the responsibility of transferring the asset to an official depository.

Therefore, the importance of securing a reliable gold IRA company (custodian) cannot be overemphasized. Given that there are so many custodians out there these days, choosing one might be somewhat challenging and confusing.

Hence, in this article, we will review some reliable gold IRA companies. We expect that you should be able to select one from the list we will provide. Even if you choose not to select any, the information we will provide can serve as a guide as you make your choice.

1. Patriot Gold Group

This company has a track record that proves how excellent they are in meeting customer needs. Hence, it is no surprise that their consumer ratings are quite high and they offer competitive pricing.

As we said, Patriot Gold Group possesses an amazing track record that goes back to 1986 when the company was founded in the city of Los Angeles. This business is owned by a family and has been able to make a name for itself with the Business Consumer Alliance giving it an AAA rating and the Consumer Affairs giving it a 5-star rating. You can visit to learn more about the Business Consumer Alliance.

As a dealer-direct organization, customers don’t have to bother about the fee that is usually charged whenever one purchases precious metals coin or bullion. You won’t get much information regarding the fees and other important details on the business’ website. Instead, you must contact them first after, which you will sign up to enable you to get the necessary information you need.

The customer service of the group is excellent which is why account managers are assigned to meet the needs of customers from the moment they set up an account. To ensure customers’ convenience, the account setup can be completed via phone or online.


  • Pricing is investor-direct


  • Minimum investment is required
  • Website form must be completed to get adequate information

2. Goldco Precious Metals

This company is known for its ability to provide customers (new and old) with all the relevant information needed. The account reps are ready to go all out in ensuring that they win their client’s trust and confidence.

Gold Precious Metals was established in 2006 and prides itself in its excellent “white-glove service”. This exclusive provision from the organization enables prospective clients to access a specialist who will then guide them throughout the process.

Also, the official website has an education center that provides clients with different e-books as well as several videos. All these provide the investor with in-depth investment information. They even have a blog where you can learn about a variety of topics on investment.

The reviews on the company on Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs are nearly perfect. This is a result of the company’s focus on its customers. Click here to learn more about Consumer Affairs.

Information about custodians, account minimums, fees, and storage can only be gotten when you contact Goldco. You will be given a guide for free once you provide your name, phone number, and email.

Setting up the account is easy, quick, and is mostly done online. The organization provides you with the option of rolling over your 401(k) and regular IRA funds to your new gold IRA account.


  • Broad educational resources
  • New accounts get back 10% silver coins for free
  • Reasonable pricing

3. Noble Gold

If you are looking for a gold IRA custodian that requires a very low minimum investment while still providing wide-range of educational resources, then look no further than Noble Gold.

Founded in 2016, this organization can be said to be relatively new in the industry. Despite this, it has carved a name for itself by offering low minimum investment prerequisites as well as wide-range of educational resources. As a result of these, new investors consider the business to be their favorite.

Their consumer rating has also been incredible. The Consumer Affairs gave it a 5-star rating while the BCA gave them a BB rating. For the past 3 years, they’ve had just a single complaint which the company managed nicely.

Another reason why this custodian is loved by new investors is that they provide their potential clients with a consultation before they set up an account. This consultation allows the company under the needs, objectives, and preferences of the customer.

Once the consultation is complete, a reliable advisor is then assigned to the investor who is responsible for guiding and educating the investor throughout the process.

While the fees of Noble Gold can’t be said to be the cheapest, they are indeed competitive. If you want to set up an account, you won’t be charged a fee. However, already setup accounts will be charged fees for annual service ($80) and annual storage ($150).

The fees mentioned above are flat rates and do not increase or decrease with respect to the size of your stored commodity.


  • Minimum investment requirement is low
  • Broad education resources
  • Storage and service fees are flat rates


  • Annual fees might be high in respect to accounts with low balances


In the article above, we have reviewed 3 customer-focused gold IRA companies. While there are other companies out there, these 3 have proven themselves to be committed to the welfare of their customers. You can choose any of them to be your custodian, or use the information in the article to guide you as you make your choice. Check sites which provides a user-friendly platform for individuals interested in buying and selling precious metals.


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