Goldco Precious Metals IRA Review


Goldco is a trusted precious metals provider that helps individuals invest their retirement funds in precious metals IRAs. Their numerous positive reviews on third-party review platforms and superior Better Business Bureau rating speak for themselves.

Their IRA services are efficient and affordable, offering a selection of coins and bars. In addition, the company also provides a newsletter service with tailored content delivered directly to your inbox.

Customer service

Goldco is a Los Angeles-based company that provides precious metals investments for those seeking to diversify their retirement assets.

Goldco prides itself on offering personalized customer service, working closely with clients to develop investment strategies tailored to their personal goals and transparent communications that provide accurate information regarding risks, benefits and costs associated with precious metal investments.

Goldco offers customer support through toll-free telephone numbers, email or live chat on their website.

Their staff of knowledgeable and helpful individuals is on hand to assist in all areas of investing – opening a precious metals IRA or rolling over existing IRAs are among their specialties. Selecting suitable coins for portfolio diversification is another service provided to customers as well as suggesting an IRA custodian to manage your account for you.

Investing in precious metals is an extremely risky business, which is why it is vitally important that you do your research before making purchases. For example, you may research investment companies and find Goldco complaints, and it would benefit you to look into these issues. While Goldco has received some negative reviews and complaints in the past, most issues have been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Furthermore, this company strives to maintain transparency and honesty with their customers, so they provide clear fee structures and disclosures for each service they provide.

Goldco is a well-recognized name in the industry, and its employees have years of experience helping customers purchase precious metals and open IRAs. Their dedication and professionalism have garnered them thousands of positive reviews on renowned review platforms such as TrustPilot and ConsumerAffairs.

Products Offered

Goldco was established in 2011 to assist customers with protecting their retirement savings by converting 401(k), 403(b), 457, or Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts into precious metals IRAs. You can visit this site to learn more about 401(k) s.

Goldco offers both an extensive online inventory and an in-person store in Los Angeles, each staffed with highly experienced salespeople committed to providing exceptional service. Their staff members are always eager to answer any questions you might have and can offer expert advice regarding precious metal investing.

Goldco offers investors numerous educational tools to assist them in understanding the value of gold and silver investments, such as news articles, a beginner’s guide to gold IRAs, retirement planning advice and much more. You can even sign up for their newsletter and stay informed with current content delivered directly to your inbox!

Goldco offers a vast selection of IRA-compliant metals that you can buy directly online, making it simple and user-friendly. Furthermore, you can set up an individual account so that you can keep track of purchases while taking advantage of special offers and discounts.


Goldco is one of the premier precious metal dealers, known for their low fees and competitive pricing; however, investors should keep in mind that they will also be responsible for the costs of insuring their precious metals.

This company also offers an advantageous buyback program, giving customers the ability to sell back their precious metals at fair market value – unlike some companies which charge exorbitant fees when purchasing and selling back products.

Goldco also specialize in American gold, silver and platinum coins and bars made of top quality alloy with high luster for use as collectible coins and bars. You can click the link: for more information about platinum. Their products also undergo a unique production process to guarantee authenticity of each gold and silver product sold through them; furthermore they partner with reputable custodial firms for storage purposes.

Storage fees

Goldco offers multiple storage solutions for your precious metals. Choose between secure depository storage or keeping your gold at home; annual fees range from $100 for coin and bar storage together to $150 if stored separately; alternatively you can opt for direct delivery – eliminating annual storage fees altogether.

Before selecting a precious metals company to invest in for your IRA, be sure to read all of its fine print and inquire about any hidden fees that may come with investing.

Many companies fail to inform customers about these additional costs or fees which can add up quickly – for instance some charge a flat-rate $50 fee just for moving money across to a new account! Furthermore, inquire whether or not your gold IRA provider covers annual fees from year one onward.

People increasingly opt for precious metals as retirement investments as an insurance against inflation and stock market volatility. Goldco is an industry leader, providing investors with products and services designed to protect their wealth with precious metals IRA specialists helping clients tailor their retirement assets according to individual goals and needs.

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