Google Dorks: Tips and Tricks for Effective Use


We search for information on the Internet every day. Data that seems classified to ordinary users is open to scammers who want to use it to their advantage. Hackers can use special commands in the search bar to find the most incredible things, such as passwords, databases, names, addresses, etc. However, this method can also be helpful for ordinary users, who can thus understand what information is in the public domain and quickly destroy it so that unscrupulous persons do not use it. Such actions will also be helpful if you are looking for a missing person and want to get in touch with the contact person.

So, what does the second word after the famous search engine – Dorks – mean? How to use the collection of useful information, and why do it? Let’s understand.

What is hidden under the term?

If we explain in plain words, the term dorks implies entering a query into the browser search bar, and you can do it not only in Google but also in Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. The only difference from the usual keyword search is that you must type a command in the line and enter specific parameters. 

Such actions usually require a set of special utilities, but one of them is available to everyone and is always at hand – it is the Google search engine. It is only necessary to know how to use it. Why does the average user need it? Situations are different, for example:

  • you have to find someone who’s gone missing;
  • to find relatives with whom you have lost contact;
  • to know the phone number or name of a person suspected of fraud, and so on.

This hacking method is very often used by intelligence agents and police services. The data that the browser gives out helps shed light on many mysterious events.

Google Dorks examples

It is quite easy to find queries on the Internet. Some of them are useful for search engine optimization. Since Google does not block these queries, it is up to everyone to decide how to use them. The information security community commonly uses these to find vulnerabilities in the form of disclosed information, but they can also be attractive to attackers.

If necessary, you can work with this method yourself. Here are some Google Dorks commands worth trying:

  1. Site: a query followed by a URL will open all sites that have passed indexing in front of you. 
  2. Cache: the query shows only a specific version of the pages.
  3. Intitle: searches for specific keywords in titles.
  4. Inurl: searches for particular keywords in URLs.
  5. File type: this query extracts all files with the specified extension.

To narrow down the choices, you should put operators such as quotes, colons, and asterisks.

Security is an essential factor that determines your privacy online. Although it is not a hacking method, it exploits weaknesses left open to all users. It also shows how powerful search engines have become. To be fully protected online, you need to not log into your account or use classified servers and completely hide your data from outsiders. Unfortunately, these mechanisms are not yet available to everyone. They are difficult to understand for ordinary users who go online to work, study information, make purchases, or communicate on social networks

So, Dorks is an indispensable tool for hackers, which security agents and police services also use. Even if you have good intentions, you should be very careful when trying to get information through a specific command, and it is better to use the “incognito” mode, as such actions can lead to criminal liability.


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