5 Great Veteran Side Hustles


One of the most significant sources of stress for veterans is the civilian labour market. The statistics about veteran pay offer both signs of hope and frustration. Sometimes people transition seamlessly into a post-military career while others struggle to find their niche in a very tough, competitive and unforgiving economy. Whether you already have work lined up or are still looking to get your foot in the door, below are 5 great veteran side hustles to help supplement your income and put you on a path to financial security.

Security or Bodyguard Work

You might enjoy defending the country’s high-profile citizens if you enjoyed defending your country. They could be entertainment industry celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, or visiting dignitaries.

A high school diploma and military background or experience are usually required for bodyguards and PPOs. In some states, a license is required, but it is never too late to get one, and there are organizations that can assist you. Most employers provide on-the-job training and licencing, so if you’re physically fit and willing to learn on the job, you’ll be considered.

Customer Service Rep

Most businesses now employ representatives to interact with customers, handle complaints, and provide product or service information. Their offers could be ideal side jobs for veterans with strong communication skills who want to leave their military careers behind.

Keep in mind that you will probably need a high school diploma and some on-the-job training to work as a customer service representative. Your communication and computer skills may be put to the test by your employer, but the discipline, patience and respect you learned in the military will serve you well.

Uber or Lyft Driver

Ridesharing is a fantastic way to get around town without having to drive or pay exorbitant taxi prices. The advent of Uber and Lyft has presented a serious challenge to the industry, introducing competition. What’s more, Uber fares have surged over the last several months, which has meant more money for drivers. You can drive for Uber or Lyft if you own a car.

Keep in mind the following:

Before accepting you as a partner, the ridesharing company will check your criminal and driving records, as well as your vehicle and insurance coverage. You will have complete control over your working hours and routes, but you will need a smartphone to download the ridesharing company’s app.

Drop Shipping

Let’s say you enjoy fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities that necessitate the use of specific equipment. You can earn money by setting up a storefront with items you find in your favourite stores and know will be in high demand for this niche or pastime.

Know that you’ll essentially be redirecting orders and earning a commission without ever handling any merchandise. Learning the trade and creating an appealing online storefront will take some time and money, but this side hustle can eventually morph into a sustainable, long-term source of passive income if you spend enough time and energy learning how it’s done.


Making inroads in the labour market after your military service can be difficult. A lot of it comes down to your education and how transferable your experience is, but even then, you may want to consider supplementing your income while you look and even after you have found something. Keep the above side hustles for vets in mind and have multiple irons in the fire while you establish financial stability post-military.


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