Growing Your Business: How to Get It Right in Your Business


Starting a business can be hard, but the real struggle comes in trying to take the business to the next level. Truth be told, the last thing you want is to see your business stagnate in one place. As a good businessperson, you have a task to constantly look for ways to make your business better. And, that takes a lot of planning and strategizing in order to get it right. Many businesses have tried and failed, and you don’t want to be another statistic. In this article, we have simplified things for you. Here are a few tested strategies that other businesses have used to scale and grow successfully. 

Building a strong brand image

Your brand image consists of your unique values, brand personality, and market differentiation. It takes more than just creating a compelling and recognizable logo. A good brand identity showcases an image of who you are, why your business exists, and who is your ideal target market.

To get your image right, you need to understand your business and your customer well. That is how you are able to build a strong image that evokes the right emotions.  This way, it helps you connect with your customers in a meaningful way to build customer loyalty and grow your business.

Apple is a good example of a brand with a strong brand image. In addition to a logo that is among the most recognized in the world, the brand has successfully created a sense of reliability, innovation, and trust for its customers. Apple customers view it as the go-to brand for innovative and user-friendly computers. 

Diversifying your products or services

Diversifying your products or services portfolio can be a great way to increase your revenue sources, and ultimately, profitability. If your business is currently struggling, diversifying allows you to enter other profitable industries. This way, you can ensure a healthy cash flow to continue growing your business. You can also use diversification to beat the competition by introducing products or services that similar businesses are not.

A good case study of brands that have scaled through diversification is ecommerce giant, Amazon. The brand started by selling books online. It then ventured into selling toys, electronics, software, and more. Today, the successful brand has its feet in cloud computing and APIs, digital music through Amazon Music, and airline business with Amazon Air. 

Expanding your customer base

More customers are likely to translate to more sales and increased profits. To grow your business, you need to find ways to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones to your business.

The good thing is that there are many ways that you can achieve that. You can try rewarding customers like the leading coffee brand, Starbucks. With its Reward Loyalty Program, the brand allows customers to collect stars (points) that give them exciting rewards. This has helped grow sales significantly.

Another way is to support charitable organizations that matter to your customers. Papa John’s, a pizza company created a DIY ad for their Christmas campaign in 2020 and donated the money saved to charity. The brand was able to stand out and make a statement of its brand values, something that resonated well with the audience.

Managing finances effectively

Finances play an important role in growing your business. If you are to scale successfully, you must learn how to manage your finances effectively. Good financial management ensures that you have a healthy cash flow to fulfill your operations and take on emerging opportunities to take your business forward.

One way to manage your finances is to stay on top of the money coming in and money going out. You can achieve this with online banking for business. An online account allows you access to transactions in real-time so you know how your business is doing at any given time. This way, you are able to make informed decisions such as seeking more funding when a need arises. 

Investing in your team

Contrary to popular belief that customers come first, it would be right to say that employees come first. Ideally, happy and engaged employees highly result in better customer relationships and happier customers. If you are to grow your business, investing in your team is something that you don’t want to ignore.

Virgin Group is among the brands that believe in making employees happy. The brand invests in employees’ wellbeing and happiness by providing resources that help employees remain healthy and happy. Another brand to borrow from is Adobe. In addition to competitive perks and benefits, the company invests in employee development through training and allowing them to participate in challenging projects. This way, they are able to build an engaged and productive team.


Growing a business to the next level is probably one of the hardest tasks to undertake. However, all hope is not lost. You can look at other successful businesses and use them as a benchmark to grow your business. Moreover, the above tips should help you get it right going forward.

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