Guide to Different Kinds of Advertising Banner Stands


When hosting an event or coming up with a unique way to advertise a business, many people will get their message customized into a banner design. Banners are typically hung across the street of a town or at the front of a store or company building, but another way banners are displayed is on banner stand hardware. Banner stands are setup in front of shops, food trucks, at a trade show booth, at the entrance of an event, in a lobby, and many other places. These kinds of stands always get the word out to people passing by, but there are different kinds of stands that businesses and events use to spread their message. Here are some of the most popular types of marketing banner stands.

Retractable Banners

Easily one of the most popular forms of banner stands used are retractable banners, such as these from Vispronet. The printed banner is stored in the base hardware and rolls up vertically when it’s displayed. These kinds of banners are very common because of how portable they are. Businesses don’t have to worry about their custom printed banner getting dirty or wrinkled when it’s stored away because the print is kept safely inside the base. Many people also like retractable banners because, depending on the model they buy, the banner can be changed out with newer prints as events and advertising campaigns change. Retractable banners are usually seen in malls, at business conferences, in lobbies, and in trade show booths.

Backdrop Banners

These kinds of banners are usually tall and wide because they are meant to act as a background for photos or during a presentation. Backdrop banners can have intricate, detailed designs printed on the banner, but another common design is having the logo of a business or event printed in a pattern across the banner. Printed backdrops are not only diverse but also simple to install. These are usually referred to as step and repeat banners and they’re the backdrops seen at red carpet entrances. Because of the large size of backdrop banners, they are commonly used where there’s a lot of space, such as in an auditorium, as the background of a trade show booth, and at the entrance of an event.

Pop Up Displays

Like backdrop banners, pop up displays are banners that usually take up a large amount of space to act as a background for photos and presentations. Pop up displays, however, come in a variety of sizes compared to backdrop banners, so they can also fit on tabletops and on more limited floor space. The hardware of these displays expands from a compact size to its full size and the banner connects to the frame rather than being preinstalled with the hardware like retractable banners. Businesses often use these displays to showcase a new product setup in a shop, to promote their services at an expo, or to showcase talking points of a presentation.

Tension Fabric Displays

These banner stands are like pop up displays, except tension fabric displays are often in more unique, eye-catching shapes. For instance, curved and wavy banner stands typically fall under this category. Tension fabric displays also cling to the shape of the hardware, with the banner acting like a pillowcase. Sometimes when advertising a new business, the usual rectangle or square shaped banner stands isn’t enough to grab the attention of potential customers. This is where the more striking tension fabric displays come in handy. These banner displays are typically seen as accent pieces of a trade show booth or in front of a shop or food truck.

Tabletop Stands

Finally, another kind of banner stand often seen at events are tabletop sized displays. Not all banner stands need to be large backdrops. Instead, they can fit on tables at an event or in a lobby. Events where many people are seated for the duration, such as weddings and networking events, will find tabletop signs an easier option to get the word out. These kinds of banner stands are also helpful when there isn’t a lot of marketing space. Some trade show booths or company lobbies don’t have a lot of room for spacious banner stands and need to promote the business logo or services on something smaller. Tabletop stands can have the same effect as larger banner stands if they are used wisely.

In Summary

Knowing the kinds of banner stands there are and the different functions they have will make it easier to know which one is the best option for each event or shop décor. After the right kind of banner stand is selected, an eye-catching print needs to be thought of, as well. Having a noticeable banner stand and vivid print will get the message the banner is advertising out to more people.


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