5 Healthcare Professions Experiencing Growing Demand


The demand for professions rises depending on the need of the hour. But certain professions like medicine and engineering remain in demand due to their nature of being central to human life and progress. Naturally, humans tend to develop ailments sooner or later in life. This simple human susceptibility to illnesses continues to sustain the dire need for specialists, physicians, and nurses. Over time, you see that the demand for certain medical professions is higher than usual – this indicates the rising popularity, positive speculation and the necessity of that profession.

Consider these 5 healthcare professions that are seeing a high surge in the number of openings available:

1. Travel Nurses

The travel nursing profession is experiencing a robust increase in demand due to the expanding healthcare needs of local communities. These nurses are able to provide a higher level of services for patients with specialized care and skills that are not typically possible in local healthcare settings. Local travel nurses are often recruited to meet the needs of medical facilities offering complex medical procedures in order to provide more comprehensive, cost-effective treatments to local populations. However, there are pros and cons of local travel nursing – on one hand, there are flexible hours, competitive salaries and exposure to new practices, while on the other, limited job security and extended absences from family present challenges. As such, manLocag nurses weigh their decision carefully before pursuing this opportunity, ensuring they are prepared to work within a new professional environment while maintaining their personal lives in balance.

2. Registered Nurses

Around 80% of freshly graduated nurses find work in less than several months. The nursing career is also one of the few careers in which nurses are able to find work in preferred organizations. Another significant percentage of graduates are able to work without having to relocate. However, it is important that prospective nurses have a bachelor’s degree on top of their nursing diploma. This raises their chances of employment and consolidates it.

3. Dentists

Dentists can be ranked higher than nurses and other health workers when it comes to salary and comfort. They also have a higher than average employment rate. Since dentists can open up their own practice, they’re much more independent than nurses and other healthcare providers. The field of dentistry is more flexible and allows practitioners much more leverage when it comes to private practice. However, dentistry has a greater academic requirement in comparison to nursing.

4. Occupational Therapy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that occupational therapy jobs will be seeing a steady rise of 24% through 2026. This attributes a 20% higher employment rate to the occupational therapy career than the national average. Moreover, it is reported that at least 50% of graduates find employment within just a month of graduation. Most are able to find work with their preferred organization. Also, as a plus point, most occupational therapists report experiencing satisfaction with their work. If you’re looking into pursuing OT, there are fantastic occupational therapy schools in Chicago and other major cities. You can start exploring now! If you’re looking to work with an occupational therapist, consider reaching out to BetterHelp.

5. Virologist

Virologists assume the duty of studying viruses. They’re microbiologists dedicated to figuring out how viral infections like influenza, rhinovirus, and SARS thrive and spread. They also work to develop vaccines. However, it’s important to know that the pursuit of virology should stem from a passionate interest in viral science. If you’re someone who wants to try out the field for fun or because current events make it appear trendy, give it a second thought. Those who take up virology are motivated to dedicate decades of their lives to the study of viruses. If that sounds appealing, then go for it. If it doesn’t, consider taking a different path.

6. Home Health Aides

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for home health aides is set to increase by 38 percent from 2014 to 2024. The high demand for home aide jobs originates from the need for caring for the elderly and disabled. Not to mention, the growing number of aging baby boomers directly translate to an increase in demand for home aides. Moreover, with the growing economic pressure, most household members are required to work to cover their expenses. In such a scenario, home aides are essential to maintaining the health of their loved ones. This explains why the high demand for home aides surpasses the average demand for all professions.


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