13 Ways to Help Overworked Team Members Destress and Decompress


You might have the best team, but they will get at a point where they feel overworked. Even the most passionate members are going to feel the burnout at some point. If nothing is done, the quality of work goes down.

Executives in the UAE ought to understand that even if team members don’t get physically ill from overworking, their efficiency is low. During tough economic times, most companies lay off workers, and the ones left are stretched as they work more.

Disadvantages of Overworking Employees

Overworking creates a negative attitude towards the company. When employees are forced to work more than their capacity, they deliver low-quality work. Team members might also suffer from burnout, which means that they might make mistakes at work without even realizing it.

When employees have to miss family time and holidays to work, it is not only depressing, but might also cause even your best talents to choose a different path. More drama might also occur in the workplace since employees are emotional and are easily triggered.

How You Can Help Overworked Team Members

It can be discouraging to watch your team deliver below their potential because of overworking. The good news is that you can help them get back their morale by doing the following:

  1. Transformation

Your team might be overworked because of the lack of balance in the workplace. Consider transforming your culture by including team building activities. These break the monotony and motivate workers.

  1. Team-Bonding Activities

Team-bonding activities can be more productive than you imagine. Team building games are beneficial to both workers and the organization. This happens when you hire competent training companies in Dubai.

  1. Lighten the Workload

The benefit of attending a leadership training Dubai workshop is that you will view your workers with empathy. If they are overworked, try to lighten this, but don’t disrupt their normal activities. For instance, you can extend the lunch break.

  1. Be a Good Listener

Don’t be blinded by the need to achieve your goals that you forget that you can’t get there alone. Listen to your employees and ask for feedback.

  1. Recognition

Recognize your team’s hard work and reward them, not only during team building Dubai events but also in the workplace. You don’t have to give rewards, praising them is enough.

  1. Training

You can hire a training company in Dubai once in a while to break office monotony. You can also give more off days. This not only gets them out of the work environment, but it also shows that you care for them.

  1. Remote Working

Leadership development Dubai seminars teach you that one of the best ways to avoid burnout is to provide remote working opportunities. This improves employee productivity because they don’t waste time in traffic, and they don’t leave early.

  1. Volunteer

If you notice that your team is overworking, you can try volunteering together in the community. You can donate clothes or food. This not only breaks a boring routine, but it strengthens company culture. Volunteering also improves productivity at work and improves employee happiness.

  1. Friday Fun-day

There is nothing better than having fun as you work. You can do this by creating games every Friday or even different themes where teams compete. Most people dread going to work because of the routine; however, having a day of fun makes them have something to look forward to.

  1. Reassigning Projects

You can easily help your team members to decompress by assigning projects accordingly. Give each member the part he is capable of achieving. Also, set reasonable deadlines.

  1. Group Work

The best way to get large tasks completed faster is by encouraging group work. This way, each team member has a portion to complete instead of tackling the whole project alone. This reduces burnout because workers don’t have to do much. Group work also means that there is a pool of unique ideas.

  1. Mandatory Break Time

Sometimes, employees might want to beat deadlines or are so goal-oriented to can get a promotion that they forget to go for breaks. If your team members don’t take breaks or they have their lunch in the office, encourage them to go out. You can even make break time compulsory.

  1. Ask their Opinion on How You Can Help

If your employees are overworked, they will deliver below their capacity, doze off, or even get emotional over small issues. If you notice these things, ask them how you can help. Although, as management, you know how to do this, listen to them and show concern.

Even though overworking does not cause physical illnesses, team members experience burnout and depression. This kills their morale, which affects productivity. You can do several things to help your team members to distress and decompress. Be empathetic and listen to their complaints and feedback.


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