5 Reasons to Hire a Local Solar Installer


A solar power system will increase the value of your home by $15,000.

It has become easier and cheaper to purchase and install solar panels at your home. At the same time, the number of solar installation companies has increased, especially in sunny states. Nevertheless, you need to approach the solar power installation process with caution to reap maximum benefits.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a local solar installer.

  1. Knowledge of Regulations and Policies

Many regulations, laws, and policies affect the installation of solar panels. A local solar company has extensive knowledge of the regulations and policies relating to your specific area. In addition, they know how to apply for the required permits.

For instance, there is usually a 2-inch setback rule in areas that experience strong winds. If you don’t follow these rules, you may end up with an inefficient solar system.

  1. Customized Communication

National solar installation companies typically work with many clients at the same time. That’s why they have rigid processes and infrequent client-facing communication. When you work with a local company, you can expect constant and customized communication.

  1. Benefit From a Full Package

The process of taking care of your solar power system doesn’t end after installation. A local solar company has nearby engineers and customer service experts to maintain and repair your solar panels. If you use a national solar company, it may take several days or weeks to send an engineer to your home.

  1. Cost and Timeline Flexibility

Local companies offer a combination of services with flexible timelines and costs. You can request customized services and negotiate the cost of the installation. In addition, the local solar company can provide additional services such as installing solar panels, cleaning them, and fixing any emerging issues.

Fixing solar panel issues can be expensive and will increase your monthly energy bills. When you work with a local solar company, they can be servicing your solar systems after a certain period. This will reduce the number of breakdowns and required repairs.

  1. It’s Cheaper

Solar panel installation has the potential to provide long-term returns on investment. However, the upfront cost can be prohibitive for most homeowners. You can get an estimate that’s quite affordable if you choose a local installation company.

Solar installation companies usually buy solar systems from nearby manufacturers. Moreover, they can take advantage of economies of scale and reduce their installation cost. At the same time, they don’t have to pay for hotel accommodation for their employees because many of them live in the neighborhood.

Large firms that operate at a national level have homogeneous fees for all their clients. These prices are set by using national market forces. As a result, the overall fee may be higher than what you could pay a local solar company.

On the other hand, local solar companies are likely to base their prices on the local market situation.

Save Money and Time by Hiring a Local Solar Installer

Solar power will improve the value of your home and reduce your monthly energy bills. Nevertheless, solar power can be costly and inefficient if you don’t work with the right solar installation company. That’s why most people prefer choosing a local solar installer instead of a national one.

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