How to Hire World-Class Engineers within Strong Competition


Wondering how to find and hire top engineering talents during strong competition on the market? Find out several effective strategies to cope with the challenge further!

Most HR specialists agree that hiring super experienced engineers is a complicated case, especially in megapolises where tech professionals are in extremely high demand. There are frequently more job listings for senior engineers than there are these specialists in reality. Here, there appears a problem, particularly for small businesses and startups, because they have to compete with attractive job offers reputable big product companies are able to give.

So, how to overcome this obstacle if you are a startup and desire to get the best engineers for your team? In this article, discover several strategies that can help. In case you read this article and understand you need to hire the whole team of talented engineers right now, an ideal way out for you is This B2B marketplace usually delivers engineering teams that design something unimaginable within deadlines.

Look at the Recruiting Procedure from a Different Angle

What is the hiring procedure in most companies in the traditional sense? Hiring manager points out a need for a new employee, a recruiter conducts a candidate search, discuss with the manager whom to invite to interviews; they conduct meetings with potential candidates, and, finally, make a job offer.

The above-mentioned process frequently doesn’t work properly because there isn’t that wide range of experienced engineers applying for a position. The job market gives more vacant positions than there are top engineering talents. The competition is devastatingly high! Truly skilful engineers enjoy the privilege to compare dozens of offers they receive.

To win the completion in hiring, recruiters should reconsider their approaches towards the hiring procedure. The best strategy is to accentuate more on every candidate and build a relationship with them, but not simply place a candidate in the position that is currently open. Ok, such a relationship-oriented approach to recruiting requires extra effort. But the result is worth the efforts made!

During the interview, focus on a more informal discussion. This helps to understand what kind of personality a candidate is and understand their professional background. It would be ideal if recruiters and hiring managers communicate with candidates the way, the last could realize what are their strong and weak points regarding professional skills.

If during the interview you understand that this very candidate won’t receive the job offer, at once discuss the reasons why they aren’t the perfect fit. The first-class performance is when the recruiter coordinates such a candidate to get a more suitable job within the company or at another one. This will win you a positive impression as a people-oriented employer.

When a new position opens in the company, you should think about several previous interviews you have conducted with engineers in your contact list (maybe someone could become a good option this time). Most probably, engineers, you have had a conversation with in the past (even those who rejected your offer) agree to consider your company one more time.

How About the Employer’s Brand

Even small businesses and startups have their unique stories to be proud of and to share with others. To attract world-class engineers, tell them about the reasons why they should choose your company, making emphasis on the corporate culture within your business and challenging projects. Top talents pay much attention to those things because they want to see whether both of you have much in common to create a fruitful partnership.

The greatest engineers are passionate about learning something new. So, they will accept the job offer if they see that your company possesses a strong engineering culture where they deal with experts whom they can learn from. If this culture type is about your business, be sure you will get the best specialists. If not, it is time to create the one!

Outsource the Recruitment Process

Outsourcing recruitment to specialized agencies is a common practice for many businesses. Expert engineering recruiters are often relied upon when it comes to finding the best talent in fields like risk management. These recruiters utilize predefined requirements and skills provided by businesses to identify and connect with suitable employees who possess the necessary expertise to meet the company’s needs. They have a deep understanding of the industry and access to a vast network of professionals. They employ strategic approaches, including targeted searches and rigorous assessments, to find high-quality candidates. By entrusting the recruitment process to these specialized agencies, businesses can save time and effort while ensuring they attract and hire the most qualified individuals to handle risk management effectively.

Arrange a Hackathon to Attract Talents

Instead of spending huge sums for recruiting agency services, why not invest in arranging a hackathon to represent the projects you are going to design or just the things your business or startup is passionate about. This will help you to attract specialists who have no idea about who you are but are keen on the same things you love. This is a wonderful method to demonstrate to potential candidates what it feels like to be a part of your team.

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