How Automation Can Improve Customer Experience


Today, without a doubt, the visibility and competitiveness of a business lie in its branding, visibility, and technology. Many companies, including food businesses, have an online presence and Artificial Intelligent (AI) software that enables customers to access their products. Not only is AI software helpful to the consumers, but companies can gather market information on what their clients demand in particular periods. These enable companies to invest in products and services that increase their market share and financial growth.

Businesses realize that good automated technology for buying products and services draws the consumers back to their organizations. We see supermarkets automating their checkout counters. Airlines have adopted automated ticketing and check-in counter systems. Many buyers are now familiar with online shopping tools which link with computerized delivery systems. All these interventions focus on improving customer experience.

The saying that says the ‘World is a small village’ is a fact of life. Business still depends on word of mouth, and quick verbal news can make or break a company. Therefore, for a business to thrive, it needs to have an excellent customer experience for the loyalty and growth of its clientele. An excellent service will make a consumer recommend the business to a friend or colleague, leading to repeat business. So, how can automation improve customer experience?

Promotes Good Customer Service

We cannot overemphasize that excellent customer service for any business venture leads to the loyalty of its consumers. Many buyers appreciate a quick response given on time. A research study from Zendesk states that 89% of customers value a quick response to their first query when deciding which company to buy their products or services. Therefore, companies must invest in training and re-training their customer service staff.

Investing in automated customer service supports the assistance team to respond to consumers effectively. The programmed service is 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing for round-the-clock service. Businesses install automated customer service tools such as AI bots, survey bots, CRM platforms, Community Management Software, and others found in tips from NICE. The automated service takes up the repetitive tasks of the service team and encourages customer self-service.

Strengthens Feedback

Feedback helps businesses to know the impact of their business services and products in the market. Whether it is good or bad feedback, it provides invaluable data that can help you with your business strategies. Thus, allowing the staff to give feedback on your products, services, and how to resolve or handle an issue is a good way of improving customer service and leads to a good consumer experience.

Automation of staff and customer alike feedback processes reduces the time to analyze incoming feedback data. Short cloud-based feedback forms, sent to customers after a service or purchase, offer the opportunity for clients to send in their comments. Your consumer opinions will help you analyze your business strategies and pinpoint areas you need to improve. These improvements lead to improved customer experience.

Builds Client Relationship

You might have received an email about products offered by a supermarket, food delivery services, or other business. These automated services send you emails on products on sale or available at a certain period. These automatic alerts form part of the buyer and seller relationship.

A shopping loyalty card allows a business to store your purchase preferences and automatically send targeted personalized adverts to you. It allows for the building of customer relationships. More likely than not, you will revisit this business to purchase similar items, thus improving your customer experience.


The availability of automated services everywhere enables consumers to carry out a broad range of tasks efficiently. The automated customer AI services are always available to help resolve customer queries within a day.


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