How Better Order Tracking Can Help Your Business


If you ship anything to your customers as part of your business, you know that they need shipping accuracy. If you have a totally eCommerce business model or even a partial eCommerce one, you’ll also want to track your orders every step of the way. You don’t want to ever misplace one, or you might lose a customer that way.

Too many lost customers mean lots of negative online feedback. Because of this, it’s easy to see why you need excellent order tracking. Luckily, companies exist these days that can help you with that.

We’ll talk about how better order tracking can help your business right now. We’ll also go over what hiring a company to do this for you can accomplish.

How Better Order Tracking Can Help Your Company Reach New Heights

Advanced order tracking technology is out there right now. Many companies feature it, and you may want to reach out to one of them. Before we talk about that, though, we’ll discuss what this technology can do for you.

Tracking your shipments in real-time is one thing this cutting-edge tech can do. You can pinpoint on a map where a shipment is at any given moment.

You can also allow your customers to see where the shipment is when they look at a branded tracking page. That branding matters. If they can see your company name and logo every time they track their package, it helps reinforce your company’s identity.

You can also see shipment notifications when you use enhanced tracking. You can see when a shipment leaves somewhere and when it arrives.

You can use enhanced tracking methods along with analytics. You can break down where you might save time or money as part of the shipping process. Maybe you’ll want to use an automated shipping process that involves fewer human workers. If you save money that way, you might use it to launch an aggressive new ad campaign.

What Else Can You Do with Better Order Tracking?

With better order tracking, you can predict much more accurately when someone can get their products through the mail. You can add an order lookup widget on your website. All a user will need to do is enter a tracking number, and the site can look up the order nearly instantaneously.

If you have a customer who placed a larger order, they can track each part of it if you sent it as multiple shipments. You can send them a unique tracking number for each separate component.

Why Would You Hire a Company for Better Order Tracking?

You can probably see why you would want most of these enhanced tracking features for your business. However, you might not understand yet why you’d want to hire a company that can handle all of this for you.

The main reason is that you can try to figure out how to implement these advanced order tracking features yourself, but that often means using multiple entities or services. It’s so much easier for you to find a company that can handle everything we’ve mentioned and charge you a single price for it.

These companies exist now, and you can compare and contrast them based on how much they cost and what they feature. The one you want might customize a services package for you if you only need certain features but not all of them.

For instance, you can ask for one that will do shipment visibility, branded package tracking, and analytics. Maybe you’ve already covered things like shipment notifications and app integration.

The company can create a customized experience for both you and your customers. You should see the value of that very quickly. You can use companies like FedEx, the US postal service, and UPS, and you can pull up a master tracker with every package you send with any of them.

Tracking integration isn’t always easy, so you’ll need to research different companies to see which order tracking features they have to offer you. If you can find one with a price point that makes sense for you, great reviews, and excellent customer service, you can go with them and save yourself a lot of headaches moving forward.

It’s not enough to make a revolutionary product. You need to make sure it gets to customers accurately and that they can track it along the way. Hiring a company that can help you do that can help you achieve your business goals.


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