How Can You Renovate Your House to Increase Its Monetary Value?


Whether you want to sell your house or simply want to future-proof it, there are several ways to increase its value without undertaking substantial renovations. You might just need some addition and alteration works, and don’t necessarily need huge enhancements.

If your property is structurally strong and well-maintained, you should be able to get away with very simple modifications, such as a fresh coat of paint and some garden care. Not only will these home improvements make your house more desirable to potential buyers, but they will almost certainly boost the value of your home, which means more potential returns when the time comes to sell.

While each property is unique, here are some easy methods to modernize and increase the value of your home without spending all your money.

Paint a New Look

Painting your home may improve its ambiance and is quite affordable if you are prepared to undertake the job. If your budget permits, handle the walls yourself and get experts to handle the ceilings, which may be tough on the neck. You might well be able to get away with using sugar soap or a natural substitute such as washing soda to clean skirting boards, doors, and window and door frames.

If you’re doing it yourself, focus on one area at a time. To begin with, choose a warm and dry day. Place all of your stuff in the center of the room, and apply the first coat in the morning. Because most paint just requires a few hours between applications, you may do the second coat later in the day and have the room finished by the evening.

Of course, larger rooms will take more time, but the one-room-at-a-time strategy minimizes interruption.

Recreate the Entrance

First impressions matter, especially if you’re preparing to put your home on the market. By repainting the front door a bold color, such as red or blue, and replacing entryway furnishings and the entrance mat, you’re sending out a message that your property is current and well-maintained before anybody ever steps through the door. Cleaning the path, clearing cobwebs, and cutting plants are all good ways to give the area around the entry a once-over. Make sure that the mailbox is in good condition and that no loose pavers or fence palings are present.

Update Window Treatments

Updating your window coverings is an efficient way to change the look of your house. There is a value-adding solution for every part of the house now that there are so many possibilities. Whether you’re thinking about curtains, blinds, or shutters—or awnings and clever motorisation—some top retailers provide a wide range of alternatives to guarantee your home’s particular requirements are satisfied.

Use shutters or timber Venetians to give warmth and charm. Alternatively, if you want to give a luxurious touch to your rooms, choose a classic blockout curtain in a rich fabric. Window coverings aren’t something we alter very frequently throughout the course of a house’s life, so choosing excellent, timeless styles is essential.

Upgrade Your Toilets and Sink

An outdated sink or toilet can distract from an otherwise stunning bathroom. A simple upgrade may instantly improve the appearance of the entire area. Newer styles of sink, such as freestanding, organic shaped, or statement colored, may transform a weary bathroom into something more modern, while a clean toilet conveys cleanliness.

Enhance the Flooring

Carpet cleaning can make a significant difference in the appearance (and fragrance) of a house, so hiring a professional is definitely worth considering. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning can bring a floor covering back to life when it has passed its expiration date, so it may be time to replace what you have. If your floors are exhibiting signs of wear and tear, have them re-sanded, which offers up all sorts of alternatives such as lime washing, staining, painting, or just resealing.

Garden Grooming

Winter is the best season to put on your gardening gloves and start working in the garden. Examine any holes in the planting that need to be filled after a basic clean-up. If you’re selling the house, gather a few well-established potted plants to fill in the gaps so you can carry them with you when you move. Take a high-pressure hose and thoroughly clean the walkways and paintwork. Clean the grill and give the outside furniture a good cleaning and, if necessary, oiling.


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