8 Things How Cleaning Services Can Make Businesses Productive


A clean and sanitary office is a great place to work in. Employees feel the welcoming atmosphere as they arrive and go to their respective tables or cubicles. They start the day with a cheery disposition and the proper mindset to work. They are not distracted by paper overflowing the trays or by a film of dust on their tabletops.

As soon as they take their seats, they can start work immediately. There are no seconds or minutes wasted dusting their chairs and desks or tidying up the paper that overflows with trash. Arriving at a thoroughly cleaned office is the best way to start the day right.

Compare this scenario to workers arriving at an office that looks as littered as when they left the day before. Employees scramble to tidy up their tables and get rid of the thick film of dust from the office furniture. Others would be down on their knees picking up documents that fell from the space housing the printer or photocopier.

Before they embark on the real tasks they must perform, they have wasted at least 10 to 15 minutes to make their workplace look like a decent workspace. If you multiply the minutes wasted to the number of days they work for a month, you may realise that they have been paid for several days of work spent cleaning their workplace. This means a waste of time and money, which is considered counterproductive for any business.

The Logic Behind Using Cleaning Services For Your Business

In the past, most business establishments hired a person or two to clean the office. Other companies that are pinching pennies would clean the office themselves or seek the help of their secretary. But that was years ago when offices employed less than 10 people. Today, most business establishments employ a minimum of 30 people. You can imagine the size of the office, the furniture, and the amount of trash that would need cleaning and clearing every day, not to mention the cost of the cleaning supplies needed. Outsourcing office cleaning services with this size of an office can be cost less compared to hiring many maintenance personnel.

If you hire five persons to provide commercial cleaning services, you must give them the required wages for a day’s worth of work plus the benefits. Paying for cleaning services means paying the amount as stated in the contract to the cleaning service company and not to each crew member. You pay according to the number of hours that the cleaning crew spends in cleaning your office.

You do not have to worry about their benefits, bonuses, and wage increases because all these are handled by the agency that you have contracted. This translates to less expenses and less paperwork to be shouldered and done by your business office. Cleaning people come at your preferred time, which is usually when your employees have already left. This allows them to clean and sanitize every nook and cranny of the workplace.

Cleaning Services and How It Contributes to Productivity

The past decade saw the proliferation of companies that offer cleaning services as a response to the growing needs of big offices for people to clean their offices and premises. Companies also found it costly to hire regular employees to clean, and so they decide to outsource them to cleaning services providers.

Aside from the convenience of outsourcing cleaning people, this move can also make the company more productive. Here are the ways that cleaning services companies can make businesses productive.

1) Increased Productivity

Cleaning services makes your business office a pleasant workplace where employees are happy to spend their time and work. And as an old belief says, a happy employee is a happy employee. One way of keeping a worker happy is by making sure that they arrive at a spic and span office where they can do their tasks without any distractions. This means no time is wasted to do trivial tasks like wiping tables and chairs or picking up trash near their work stations. All they have to do after they arrive is to sit down and start working. The clean and fresh environment can keep them engaged in their work. If they spend all of their working hours doing their tasks, they can increase their productivity and that of the company.

2) Enhanced Efficiency

One of the greatest assets of a company is a healthy workforce. If your employees are healthy, they can always go to work and do their tasks efficiently. When an employee gets sick, he cannot go to work. This means that he is not able to contribute to the company’s productivity. The tasks assigned to him may be left undone or they can be are distributed to other employees to prevent delay. Some might welcome additional work while others might resent it and may not be as productive as they should.

3) More Organized Workspace

A neat and orderly workplace can make it easy to find things that you need in your work. Staplers, paper clips, and can be difficult to find when they are covered by a mountain of trash. Hiring an expert office cleaner can prevent waste of time looking for these items by making sure that everything is properly arranged and placed where you can easily see them.

4) Reliable Office Equipment

The team that the cleaning services company sends to tidy up your office knows the tasks to be done. Aside from cleaning the office and its premises, they also make sure to clean the equipment in your office. A computer, printer, or photo copier can easily deteriorate if they are always dirty and dusty. Cleaning companies employ people that are experts in cleaning these devices. As a result, your devices are always in top condition.

Regular cleaning of electronic devices can extend their lifespan. If they always work properly, you can work smoothly. Malfunctioning gadgets can slow down your work and cause you stress. Defective ones can cause fire, which can destroy your offices. Extending the lifespan of office devices and preventing accidents can mean increased savings, less cost, high production, and more profit.

5) Less Absences

Companies that hire the services of a cleaning company experience reduced employee absences due to sickness. This is because professional cleaners know how to sanitize your workplace using materials that can kill a big percentage of germs and other contaminants without endangering the health of the employees. Such a hygienic environment can prevent the spread of contagious diseases and other illnesses that are caused by bacteria and pathogens. Healthy employees would mean a workforce that can attain the best and highest performance to increase the company’s productivity.

6) Improved Business Image

Maintaining an excellent business image is important for all companies. You can only earn the trust of your customers if they see that you can keep an orderly and clean workplace. Cleaning services providers know how to keep your carpet and furniture looking smart at all times. They use eco-friendly materials that can gently remove dirt and stains, as well as leave your office smelling fresh.

7) Maintain Client Trust

Remember that faded carpets, curtains, and furniture can create a negative vibe especially to your customers. It sends a message that your company could be in financial trouble because your office looks so poor. Customers might fear that they could lose the money they want to invest in your company because your business could be going down. They might think that you are selling cheap items for a high price to make a profit.  This can result to investors and customers running away from you and your business. Avoid losing potential clients or employees by keeping a sparkling clean business establishment.

8) Positive Impression

Create a lasting first impression by always keeping your office spic and span. It is important to impress potential clients who are visiting your office for the first time. A clean and tidy office indicates that the owner has a stable mind, a definite direction, and an orderly and methodical person. These traits are important for a business owner to make his business a successful enterprise.

Hiring cleaning services providers is a great help if you want to increase your productivity. These companies have well-trained and skillful people who are all experts in cleaning a business establishment or office. You do not have to supervise them or guard them while they are at work because they are all expert cleaners. Because they make certain that they always do the right thing the first time, they seldom have to repeat a job, which means less time spent on the task and less expense.

For a more productive business, hire a cleaning services provider to do the cleaning while your employees do their assigned tasks and become highly productive.


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