How Digital Menu Boards Can Benefit Your Business


If you have read a digital signage blog recently, you will have probably caught the new trend featuring menu boards in restaurants. This is not actually a new trend, but it keeps resurfacing thanks to McDonalds. They keep using digital signs, some of which are interactive, to show off their meals, their deals, and even to allow people to order from them. McDonalds has locations all around the globe, and their introduction of digital signs has been a gradual thing since different locations are owned by different people, some of whom are reluctant to embrace progress. Nevertheless, this article deals with how digital menu boards are affecting and benefiting fast food and restaurant businesses.

Dine-In Restaurants With Menus

Instead of paper and card menus, some restaurants are using tablets, which is not a bad idea, but there are problems with theft and hygiene. McDonalds is doing a good job allowing people to pick their meals with an interactive digital sign, but it doesn’t really work that well in restaurants.

Digital signs are best used in restaurants to promote the food on offer. Seeing something in a menu, especially when it is just written down, is no indication of its content or quality. When digital signs show the food, they show people what they can expect. They also wet people’s appetites. In addition, if you are using a dynamic system that works depending on how much stock you have, then your digital sign could stop showing items of food that are out of stock and could perhaps over-promote some of the excess food you have in stock.

If the digital signs show high quality content, then it can reflect very well on the business. By the same token, poor quality videos on the digital signs will make the restaurant look cheap and tacky. The first benefit of digital signs is that you can show the food from different angles, whereas posters and pictures only show a romantic view of the food.

Showing people videos of the types of food you have on offer is going to help sell the food and avoid disappointment. Some people are disappointed with the type of food they are given when they pick something at random from the menu, and some people are disappointed with the portions. At least with video digital signs, people get a fair idea of what they are going to get and how much they will get before they order their food.

Digital Signs in Fast Food Restaurants

Just like in dine-in restaurants, a digital sign can promote the food items that are stocked in excess and can stop promoting things that are out of stock. Again, this does require some sort of melding between your items-in-stock systems and your digital signs systems. It is quite common for fast food restaurants to use delivery services to send their food out into the general public, and they are easily able to link their stock levels with those systems, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to link the digital sign system in a similar manner.

Digital signs can be placed a little more freely in fast food restaurants. When it comes to sit-down dine-in restaurants, then digital signs have to be placed carefully. They have to be placed in areas where they will not bring down the tone of the restaurant. However, fast food signs can be placed anywhere, including in the areas where price lists are usually shown. The digital signs could show price lists along with images of the food. Offers and promotions could appear next to the menu, or on other signs dotted around the place.


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