How Digital Signage Solutions Help Small Businesses


Meet the Challenges of New Normal

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it. It has impacted individuals and businesses worldwide, bringing a lot of uncertainty around the effects it could have on the economy. However, one thing is for sure: At times like this, being a business owner comes with many responsibilities. Your decisions and actions will affect many people, including your customers, employees and the community.

While many small businesses had to close when the pandemic struck, more and more are reopening their doors for their clients. However, reopening does not necessarily mean that things are back to normal. The virus is still with us, and it is up to small businesses to look for ways to cope. Thanks to digital signage solutions such as LOOK DS, small companies can meet the challenges presented by this new normal, and here is how:

  • By visually communicating health regulations 

During this pandemic, the priority should be ensuring everyone is on the same page, and digital signage is one of the best tools for streamlining your messaging systems. With mobile and reconfigurable signage solutions, retailers can showcase messages in high traffic locations then change them when needed. Likewise, with a built-in operating system and digital signage software such as LOOK DS, your staff can develop tailored messages daily and display them where your customers can get a clear view.

When there is a lot of uncertainty concerning issues like how many people should be in the store at a given time and how they should behave, you must have clear and accurate information at your business entrance to inform people how they are expected to behave. You will avoid a lot of confusion and protect everyone who comes to your store. You could also share social distancing requirements or the necessity to wear masks as part of the health regulations.

  • Promoting customer safety and transparency 

The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, and during this time, following the regulations go beyond safety. Your business reputation comes into play as well. If your small business doesn’t pay attention to a safe customer experience, it is at risk of getting criticized. Considering that most customers now prefer to order online, this can have a massive impact on your operations. You must take measures to ensure the safety of customers while in your store. Digital signage has been an excellent tool for promoting safety, thanks to interactive displays. Customers care about transparent communication, and that is what you get with digital signage.

  • Ease of update 

Covid-19 is one of the most significant challenges that small businesses have to adjust to. Since it is a new virus, health regulations and protocols for protection against it keep on changing. To meet the challenges of this new normal, you need a solution to update your information in real-time. With health threats and local ordinances continually evolving, digital signage allows you to edit any changes whenever they are made.

  • To create a revenue stream 

For many small businesses, the pandemic is a challenging time and hurts their revenue streams. With most companies being ill-equipped, it becomes nearly impossible to function only using online interactions. This is where interactive digital signage comes into play. It helps your small businesses stay relevant and efficient during this trying period. For instance, your customers can place their orders from their mobile phones conveniently.

  • Promoting hygiene

Hygiene is crucial during this pandemic. Your business is expected to observe a regular cleaning schedule, which becomes more effective with fewer employees at the store. While displays such as touchscreens are easy to wipe or spray during the coronavirus pandemic, physical touch is not recommended. However, with cloud-based digital signage software, you can take advantage of remote navigation. Users can comfortably navigate from their phones, keeping them safe from the infection.

  • Directional signage 

Your business should prioritize physical distancing and offering essential directions for better navigation to ensure everyone is safe. With directional signage, you can show people which doors they should use for entering or exiting or remind them to maintain a 6-feet distance amongst themselves in the store. Directional signage will ensure there won’t be overcrowding within your business at any point.

The new normal requires small businesses to communicate effectively with their audience. The priority should be ensuring everyone who walks into the store adheres to the guidelines provided for their safety. Ensure you look for software that allows you to achieve your signage goals. You must invest in digital signage that helps you reopen your business effectively and remain functional during this new normal.


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