How Do You Remove Stains from the Car Cushion?


There are a lot of car cushions that manufacturers produce with fault. Since most of these cushions are automated, some errors might not be revealed during production to the operator. Hence, some manufacturers have put replacement policies in place. In fact, companies like Everlasting Comfort have a Lifetime Replacement Policy. That way, if you have an issue with your cushion, you can contact them, and they will issue a free replacement for you.

On the one hand, there are faults on car cushions that manufacturers take responsibility for. On the other hand, there are stains on the car cushion that the cushion owner has to take responsibility for. However, cleaning cushion stain is dependent on how the cushion was manufactured. Below are detailed discussions on the components of car cushions and how to keep them clean.

Components of Car Cushion

Most car seat cushions are made up of three-layer fabrics. They consist of face fabric, foam layer, and scrim backing.In the middle of the car, cushions are filler materials that provide comfort and support. They are called the foam layer. The foam layer is often the most important component of the car cushion. And its quality is often judged by durability and air or water vapor permeability.

For instance, technical textile products are preferred because their air permeability is better than non-textile products like leather or foam. Also, non-textile products impede water vapor diffusion. An example of a manufacturer that considers this feature is Everlasting Comfort.

You will find the benefits of technical textiles in the Everlasting Comfort Car and Truck Seat Cushion – Memory Foam Wedge Chair Driving Pillow (Black). This cushion is made of 100% premium memory foam. This is the same material that most leading cushion manufacturers worldwide use. Also, it is durable.

Drivers can use it for sitting for long periods. And during use, it enhances the driver’s comfort while retaining its density. Hence, because foams are likely to compress over time, picking a springy car cushion for your long drives is a good idea. When picking the textile, you must know that foam cushions can hold heat. To get rid of the heat, manufacturers use a breathable cover.

Methods of Cleaning Car Cushion

Before cleaning your car cushion, remove the cover from the foam layer. Hence, YOU CANNOT PUT A CUSHION IN WASHER OR DRYER. Some manufacturers ensure that their covers are machine washable. To confirm this, you can check the online page of the manufacturer, the manual, or inscriptions made on the cushion. A gentle machine cycle with cold water will do the trick for Everlasting Comfort Car and Truck Seat Cushion – Memory Foam Wedge Chair Driving Pillow (Black).

Similarly, there is relative instruction about dryer on the cover or face fabric. If it is safe to use, you can apply the low heat or air-dry setting. Furthermore, regularly remove your car cushion. And by shaking it (outside of your vehicle), you will dislodge the loose debris on it. You can vacuum the cushion and the car seat where the cushion was lying to remove other debris.


Cushion cover material and filling play a major role in determining how effective and durable a car cushion is. You should select car seat cushions with a breathable cover. They will enhance temperature regulation, especially if you plan to use the cushion for long drives or in hot weather. However, the owner should periodically clean cushions with removable and washable covers. Wash and dry the face fabric or cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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