How Marketing & Conversions Work in Funnels


Marketing has been around human civilization (read more). Before the technology revolution had happened, none of the entrepreneurs have tried marketing or business services from an application running on the website as it would not be elevated enough to draw attention from people. Back then, most entrepreneurs have used persuasive advertising through word of mouth in most retail stores to gain their awareness to convert as a customer. Moreover, producing new goods with a viable and scalable way to manufacture and sell them in physical stores while advertising them personally by marketers

Not until the technology innovation came into play at a breakneck speed due to scientific advancements. The unique development had significant implications that allowed entrepreneurs to sell on the internet and reach a broader target area for production and consumption.

Then, the adoption of modern technology revealed the complex nature of e-commerce.

Marketing Strategy in E-commerce

People are coming for you, but they are not converting to paying customers. Perhaps you are marketing your brand in the wrong way. While the sole purpose of having a business is to gain revenue or profit from sales, one necessity to fulfill before you convert money from people is to gain their awareness that you exist.

There is no doubt that the industry is full of building entrepreneurs. Even the oldest brand requires the best marketing strategy to maintain its customers.

It is tricky and complicated due to the competition that has arisen since then. However, it would be better for you to understand to have the basic concepts in the mind of how the conversion happens in marketing. Whether you are a starting entrepreneur or an experienced one, knowing how to make funnels is the best thing to learn first. It consists of four buying processes that will help you reach out to potential clients. Thus, you will be able to make your business successful once maintained!

How Do Funnels Work?

The sales funnel indicates the conversion of a lead to a paying customer. Its concept is to explain the lead-to-paying process of a client, where the goal is to bring consumers to the right market and vice versa. Thus, along the process, the marketer introduces potential customers to their advertisement and nurtures them progressively through the funnel, significantly reducing the number of people who show interest in them at each level and targeting the right leads for final conversion.

To break it down, here are the four stages in the marketing funnel:


It is the top-most stage of the funnel, wherein the goal is to get leads by generating advertisements to let them learn and know about your business. Mostly, the potential client could be someone who would need your product and service. So, your ad must be informative and should provide the advantages of your product to entice them. Moreover, let them know that your product is what they need. If you go about this appropriately, the transaction will continue without a miss.

The key for eye-catching ads is to make them unique and identifiable even for only a glance


Once they have shown interest, the campaign has reached the evaluation and identification stages, you will successfully have navigated through the early levels of the awareness phase.

At this level, your leads will search about you and your product. They are paying attention to the product they need, so you have lured them favorably with the advertisement. However, they have not gotten around to the point of purchasing from you. There is a possibility that they could begin a side-by-side comparison to check the characteristics and price points of your goods alongside their expectations and preferences in other brands to discover what their needs are.


At this part, the leads will be considering getting the product or service. However, you could not guarantee to make them purchase from your brand. Possibly, they can get from other brands. To sum it up, you cannot secure a customer to buy from your brand, but you can affect the result. It is just a matter of delivering the best offers to those who could potentially turn into buyers to seal the deal.

It could be free delivery vouchers, ten percent off discounts, additional rewards for the next purchase, among other items. There is plenty of deals you can give them, as well as there are a great many benefits you can ensure to both your lead generation and your company’s brand are gaining advantage with the transaction.

Expanding the target market, and giving your consumers the best value possible, would produce your profits.


At this point, your customer has made an action of whether to purchase from you or not.

If they did, then you have successfully gained a paying customer! This is where the conversion happens. Moreover, the goal has been accomplished and you have gained revenues.

But conversion does not define a purchase alone. If they did not make it to be a paying customer, there are several goals that you can aim for with your marketing strategy. It can be by making them sign up for exclusives and offers, or probably by making them subscribe to newsletters received by emails.


With the internet, businesses can now target customers more effectively, allowing them to deliver their goods or provide their services to those customers with exactly what they want. One thing you will know for sure about marketing is that no matter what you do, learning the basics will get you started and help you progress further. Using a marketing funnel allows you to communicate your message to more consumers and capture the attention of the ones who are most likely to be receptive to it.

While getting revenues from your effort and voice in the market, you will be able to gain conversion from all of it.

As you put effort into acquiring sales and bringing consumers into the marketplace, more conversions will happen. Hence, the more conversions, the more you will get revenues, and the more customer satisfaction you can accrue from your strategy.


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