How SEO AND SMM Can Help You Optimize Your Recruiting Process?


SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) are an integral part of digital or internet marketing. Through internet marketing, you can attract individuals you wish to. Not only for personal relations but even for professional prospects you can use SEO and SMM. If your company’s SEO and SMM (paid and unpaid) campaigns are in place, you can attract potential employees to your company. In case, your business is facing a talent gap, then optimizing your web presence can help you attract the right candidates. This can optimize and speed up your recruiting process and ease your work of finding the right candidates.

Read this blog in full, to understand how SEO and SMM can help you bring in just the right talent pool for your company.

Why Your HR Department Should Know The Term “SEO”?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can improve your hiring process notably. Your SEO strategy allows your business or company to rank higher on search engines like Google. You can have an in-house marketing team or let SEO Company India, help you with this. The benefits of ranking higher on Google can be many, and your hiring process can become efficient through this. Some benefits SEO brings to your hiring process are:

1. More people are now using Google for searching for their jobs. 150 million job searches are carried alone on Google in the United States. Certainly, if you rank higher on Google for job searches you have a great chance of hiring the talent pool that you require for your business.

2. Ranking at the top also means more visits to your website or in specific, more traction to the careers section of the website. This can lead to a more coherent employ enrolling system for your business.

Specifically, with many advantages, there are a few ways you can optimize your recruiting process through SEO. Keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Put an SEO-optimized job description. Be descriptive with your job description and your keywords or key terms like “Executive”, ” Web Developer” or whatever you’re looking for in a candidate. Your job description should be easy to read with all the necessary information that doesn’t leave any prospective employee with questions.

2. The job description should have relevant keywords or key terms. Be specific with your keywords as that can help you attract the right talent that you require for your business. Adding additional specific details to your keywords or descriptions can further narrow down your search. Therefore, using long-tail keywords can also filter your search for finding a specific, suitable candidate.

3. Lastly, have a mobile-friendly site so the candidate can easily browse or visit the career section of your business website. This makes it easy for the candidate to connect with you through your website as most people browse the web through their phone.

Optimize SMM For Your Hiring Process

People are always on social media as it allows people to connect instantly. In this way, your company can optimize your hiring process via social media. Social media allows you to connect with individuals you specifically want to connect with. In short, social media can just be the tool to ace your hiring. Some of the benefits it brings to the hiring process are:

1. It’s easy. Yes, social media makes it easy for you to connect with individuals on a personal level. This way you know them a little more before you decide on their profile.

2. The whole process is transparent. Everything is out in the open. You can access a candidate’s profile through their social media presence. This can greatly magnify your candidate screening process.

You can optimize your recruitment process through social media in the following ways:

1. Make sure to optimize your LinkedIn, and Facebook company profile as that’s where most job seekers go for their job hunt. It’s vital to focus on websites like Glassdoor, as these websites aid a candidate in forming an opinion about your company. According to a Corporate Responsibility Magazine Survey, 69% of job prospects will reject a job offer from a company with a bad reputation. Hence, it’s essential to have a positive presence on the web, since you can attract suitable candidates for vacancies for your company.

2. You can utilize your employees to attract prospective employees. Tell your workforce to use their social media to bring in potential employees. Uploading human content revolving around company culture and work can also bring potential benefits. Put your company in the best light through your social media handles.


Through this blog, you can understand how a company’s online presence can help them attract employees who are willing to work for them. Make sure to optimize, and review your online presence as that’ll help you attract just the right employees for your business. Digital marketing is beneficial for your business and can speed up your hiring process, in no time, provided you optimize for it.


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