How SEO Companies Work for You

How SEO Companies Work

Business owners love successful online marketing, but most do not understand how to accomplish their goals. The job of an organic SEO agency is to get your company noticed online by adhering to accepted guidelines and techniques designed to increase your ROI and your online footprint.

Every online business needs a website, which goes without saying. It’s the website that introduces your company to the World, and the quality of the site is paramount. SEO companies build websites, but not just any run-of-the-mill site.

Your website speaks volumes about your company, and you want it to be a showpiece of your business. Remember, it’s like a first impression, and it’s the gateway that engulfs your visitors in a vision of who you are and how you can help them.

Impressive Sites that Work

A website has many parts that make it into a work of professional online marketing at its best. Your visitors find it easy to navigate and locate specific information quickly. Images must enhance the experience by matching the content’s topic, but they must load fast.

Site speed is an important SEO ranking factor that search engines use, among others. Not only should your site load quickly, but on any device, too. That’s called responsive design and is yet another ranking factor. An SEO company understands all the critical ranking factors that determine how well your site ranks in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The World Has Gone Mobile

Many people associate SEO only to desktop PCs. Over 65% of people on the Internet use their smartphones first. That said, it’s vitally important that your site is mobile friendly. We’ve all used our phones to search the Internet and forced to expand the screen to see the site.

A mobile-optimized site contains all or most of the full website elements, but it’s easy to read because of optimization.

Organic Traffic Increases

The site ranking goal is to place 1st in Google or the coveted 0 spots in the SERPs. It’s not easy getting there, but considering the amount of organic traffic a first-or-zero place provides, the results are worth the effort.

Reaching a favorable spot in the SERPs that catapults your organic traffic is no accident. Organic traffic is the traffic arriving at your site after searching and finding you in the SERPs. It’s the best kind of website traffic because it’s very targeted and converts very well.

Imagine how your business would change if most of your traffic came from organic searches. That’s the primary goal of your SEO company.

The Mechanics of Ranking Well

Mechanics of Ranking

So far, you have a basic understanding of ranking and traffic. While hundreds of ranking factors exist, building backlinks to your site is arguably the most important one. The search engines consider how many links point to your website and who sent them to you.

Search engines mentioned backlinks in the early days of SEO, which are links from other sites pointing directly to yours, and suggested webmasters get as many as possible. They did, and Google realized too much of a good thing creates confusion and undermines the customer experience.

Through one of their algorithm updates, the quality of backlinks became another critical ranking factor. SEOs build backlinks carefully and honestly and pay particular attention to their source. This way, Google and others will look favorably at the number and quality of the backlinks. The result is a higher ranking and more respect from the search engines.

SEOs, Social Media, and PPC

Although ranking factors help solidify your place online, the most crucial aspect of online marketing that rises above everything else is content. Content is and always will be, the part of your site your readers consume and learn from you. They learn about you, what you can offer them, and how well you satisfy their needs.

As you write your fantastic and thought-provoking content, always focus solely on your readers and their interests. If you don’t, you will lose them to another website that does. Your SEO company creates the content and optimizes it with keywords designed to attract readers, gain traction in the SERPs, and optimize relevant images that load fast.

After the content gets created, they write social media posts that attract visitors and help your business win the battle of attention from billions of social media users online. A strong social media presence taps the vast pool of potential visitors to your site. Again, your SEO agency handles all the details for you.

Aside from the wonder of social media, advertising with PPC, or pay-per-click, is effective and has its own set of techniques and rules. It’s crucial to understand how online ads work, but without full knowledge, this can get very expensive. It’s always best to have your SEO agency advise you on this type of advertising. PPC is a specialty in its own right and requires experience and quick action when necessary.

Keep Your Site Working Always

Fortunately, SEOs also know that your website’s success requires it to run as fast as possible with little or no downtime. The goal is a pleasurable experience for your visitors. Easy navigation, fast loading times, and relevant, helpful content make up the core of all high-performing sites.

Your SEO company keeps an eye on your site, its content, and its performance. They stand ready to make changes where necessary to maintain the high standards required to keep it thriving. The work of an SEO company is ongoing and continues for as long as the website exists. Site maintenance, updates, security, and performance round out the extensive list of services provided by them.


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