How Staffing Agencies Help You Avoid Bad Hires


For companies of all sizes, across all industries and locations, the challenge of recruiting is one that must be faced at some point. The process of advertising, interview and onboarding is time-consuming enough, but the risk of making a bad hire adds to the pressure of the process; get it wrong and you will see an unnecessary drain on already limited resources.

HR departments tend to know what they are looking for, but in an employer’s market, it is increasingly tough to identify those qualities through a standard recruitment process. Working with a professional agency, Motion Recruitment, could help businesses of all sizes to avoid the pitfalls of recruiting by helping them to hire quality personnel the first time around.

It’s a gamble

According to Motion Recruitment, one of the biggest barriers to utilizing a staffing agency is the perceived costs of recruiters. However, when you consider the cost implications of hiring the wrong person, outsourcing to a professional could be considered something that you can’t afford not to do.

For most organizations, hiring new staff is not something that is done on a regular basis; if you are finding yourself constantly recruiting, it may help to look at your company ethos and examine either why people are leaving, or how you can better manage rapid growth of your organization. Because recruitment isn’t a regular event, it is easy for these less experienced employers to make rookie errors; errors that experienced staffing agencies know about and know how to avoid.

Getting noticed

The first step in a successful recruitment campaign is to make sure that as many people from diverse backgrounds see your ad. Sticking to low-cost advertising or keeping your ad local will limit the number – and quality- of applicants that you get. Experienced staffing agencies will have a range of existing contacts and platforms on which they can advertise a job; additionally, they will have existing contacts that they can reach out to if appropriate. By helping you to get noticed, an agency can help you to make sure that you cast your net wide, to improve the quality and quantity of applicants.

Avoiding the red flags

With extensive experience and years of industry knowledge, specialist recruiters will spot a red flag that an employer might not even know exists. A recruitment agency has the resources and know-how to do full checks on applicants to make sure that they have the credentials that you need. These background checks may be prohibitively expensive for employers to carry out but can reduce the expensive risk of employing someone unsuitable; letting an agency do it means reduced costs and reduced risks.

Skilled interviewers

Interviewing is a skill that improves considerably with practice. While only large organizations who hire on a regular basis have strict interviewing protocols, organizations of all sizes who use an agency benefit from strict pre-interviews to help create a strong shortlist. A good agency will have a clear understanding of not just the role that you are recruiting to, but your culture, too, and they will have the skills to identify the right people to fit into your network.

It is easy for employers or less experienced recruiters to be misled by an excellent interviewee who can talk the talk but can’t turn their promises into action. A recruiting agency will be able to see through outstanding interview skills and ask the right questions to uncover genuine capabilities and motivations.

Large-scale processes on a budget

For most small, medium, and even some large companies, there is not quite enough need for a fully equipped HR department. This means that HR often falls to a multi-tasker; another role that needed bulking out, or someone who was willing to take on the additional responsibilities. By using an HR agency, you get all the benefits of having a dedicated, in-house HR department without the ongoing costs. What’s more, a staffing agency can adapt their capabilities to meet your changing demands. No HR issues? No problem, and no wasted resources. You enjoy a period of growth and have multiple vacancies? A staffing agency can deploy multiple specialists to help you to fill them quickly and effectively. What’s more, by turning to an agency to take on the complexities of recruiting, you are letting your managers stick to their day job.

Pitching it right

Bad hires aren’t always the fault of the employee. Often, a bad hire arises as the result of inexperienced recruiters or a simple misunderstanding regarding required or actual experience, salary, or specifics of the role. Staffing agencies can help you to avoid making those mistakes by applying industry knowledge to make sure that you pitch your jobs at the right level, and the right salary, to the right people.

Making a bad hire is bad news for the employer as well as the employee. By turning to a recruitment agency, both parties can protect themselves and maximize their chances of finding a person (for employers) or position (for employees) that is right for them. A recruiter will get to know both employer and employee and scope the recruitment landscape to find the best solution for them. The result? A reduction in wasted time and resources, protecting the reputation of the organization, keeping staff morale high and, for employees, saving you unpleasant employment experiences and keeping the employment record looking great.

Your agency says a lot about you: for an employer using a well-respected agency, you are telling others that you are discerning, efficient, and willing to invest in your teams. For an employee, gaining the backing of a well-respected agency shows prospective employers that you are a reliable long-term investment.

If you are not sure whether you need to consult a staffing specialist, then you probably do. Get in touch with a few agencies until you find one that you feel understands your ethos; it may just be one of the best investments in your business that you make.


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