How Technology can Improve your Workplace Culture


Many people say that technology has removed much of the human interaction we have with our colleagues every day and can actually have a negative impact on the way we work. In fact, there are a lot of ways this technology can be used to improve workplace culture. Here’s a look at some of the ways businesses can utilize tech to improve the mood of their employees.

Ask your employees whether they have any concerns

One of the best ways technology can help you improve your workplace culture is simply by establishing what problems there are within the workplace in the first place. You might think this could be done as easily as sending an all-site email out to all of your employees asking whether they have any problems. The only problem is that many of your employees may be reluctant to reply to this email in case it leads to them being labeled a troublemaker, disruptive or even just irritating.

Many employees may not even bother replying to the email because they don’t have time to write out their concerns or don’t think you’d rectify any problems you do list. The best way to avoid all of these problems is to ask your employees questions using business culture survey software. This system allows you to consult all your employees at the same time and allows them to answer quickly and anonymously. Once the workers have all responded to your surveys, the software will even categorize the responses in different themes and highlight the ones that your team is either most happy with or most concerned about. Then you know exactly what needs changing to improve the mood of your workforce. You could even share these results with your team so they know they’re not the only ones feeling this way and that you’re also serious about improving any issues.

Allow flexible working

One of the biggest problems your employees might have during their working day might not actually be caused by their jobs. It might simply be the challenge of fitting everything they need to do in their personal life alongside their tasks at work. You might think that as an employer, you should demand they focus solely on their work for a set number of hours throughout the day until they have finished their shift.

Instead, if you allow them to be more flexible about the hours they work, and even allow them to complete some of their hours at home, this could sometimes lead to them being even more productive than if they were stressing about problems like childcare. If your employee suggests a way of working that fits their life better, consider trialing it for a set period of time and see whether they are more productive because of the changes.

Keep in contact with your workers

Another great way to improve workplace culture is to simply speak more often to your employees. If you employ lots of people over lots of different sites, it can be difficult to see them in person regularly. Instead, consider setting up either a daily or weekly Zoom call with all of your employees to update them on any news about the business they need to know.

That way, you can reassure employees about any concerns they might have and make them feel like they’re an important part of a team.

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