How to Arrange House Parties in Covid-19 Situations


2020 is going to be a year that will be remembered in the pages of history. A small microscopic virus caused such a pandemic situation that stopped the whole whirling of the humankind into a locked-down quarantine! The best way to save ourselves as well as the world from this COVID-19 pandemic is by maintaining physical as well as social distancing. Another guideline that has been commanded by WHO is to do frequent hand sanitization and to use masks whenever we are going closer to each other. But, we are social animals; the oxygen of our lives in a celebration of occasions and making memories. And we are conscious enough to arrange parties maintaining all the guidelines in COVID-19 situation.

1) Amazing Decoration:

What is trending during the pandemic is widespread of virtual space. Everything, from schooling to examinations to job interviews to work, is being conducted through online platforms. Then why can’t we party online! As much of your expenses would be cut off, you can invest more in your decoration. Bring in props like balloons, confetti, glitters, colouring papers to decorate your home for the party. As it would be over a virtual platform, the decoration will set the mode for the party on. Still, if the gathering is not more than 10 persons and you have enough space, you can arrange for a small house party.

2) Tasty Food:

Food is the heart of the party. Even you do not need the décor for necessary if you can arrange good food. Make sure the snacks cover a lot of varieties so that the gossip over drinks will make a great ambience for the party. And for the main course, it is best to choose a specific cuisine and the monumental dishes from the cuisine. After a long time, this fresh air of small house party will give all of you sweet memories.

3) Light Music:

All you need for a small yet happy and cheerful house party is the nearest and dearest ones of your life and some good music. As now we are in a restricted mode to access, dance numbers are not a wise choice for the house party; because for tip-toes like us, we would never be able to control ourselves from dancing. And that will completely shatter the rule of social distancing which is wrong. So, some smooth mild melodies would be perfect for such a small house quarantine party.

4) Fun Activities:

A party is dull with no fun activities.  Yes, there are some restrictions; but we can still have fun maintaining distances. Dumbs words is a classic fun-filled activity that makes the mood of the party very jovial. All it needs is two teams with each player from a team will stand up and act out the word given by the opposite team. If the actor’s own team can guess the word by acting, they will gain a point. Besides, karaoke session on a gloomy afternoon with all the closest friends would be the perfect jam session to celebrate the party.

5) Cakes and Desserts:

Anything sweet always sets the best mood for the party. Cakes and desserts are essential. Cake cutting brings in the essence of the party while desserts are the sweeter end to the celebration. There are varieties of flavours of cakes; but if you want the guest to have some clean party, then ordering various flavour cupcakes would be a perfect idea. Cupcake and chocolates would be amazing. Also for dessert, it is best to choose something of fruit flavour because of the season’s need. You can always online order a delicious cake to relax and enjoy. And it is the food that everyone remembers as a memory from the party.

COVID-19 might have saturated our normal lifestyle, but it can never stop us from finding ways of celebrating Life. Above are the best ways of arranging small home celebrations following all the guidelines in COVID-19 situation.


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