How to Be Successful and Get the Things You Want


You’ve got to put one foot in front of the other in order to keep moving forward, but it’s not always obvious which steps will lead you down the most optimal path. The first step in being successful is to figure out how exactly you define success. Your definition might be vastly different from someone else’s, and that’s totally OK. At the end of the day, the only person’s opinion of your success that matters is you!

Once you’ve defined what success means to you, ask yourself what does my kind of success look like? Is it financial stability, spiritual realization, or fulfilling a dream? Here’s how you can be successful and get everything you want.

1) Invest wisely

A lot of people’s definition of success includes wealth and financial stability. This isn’t really something that can happen overnight, excluding winning the lottery, which comes with its own complications. It’s very important that you plan ahead and listen to trusted people in the investment field. Mark Wiseman is a global investment manager and business executive who has years of experience and advice for people looking to enter the market.

You might be putting your financial success on hold due to the global pandemic; however, Mark Wiseman encourages you to think past the current crisis and look to the future. Even in the recession post 9/11 and even after the Great Depression, the economy was able to bounce back, making investing your money worth your time. Investing while the market is lower, requires you to put less money into a single stock, and could reap you high rewards in the future.

2) Know yourself

Really pursuing success sometimes requires a hard look at yourself and your habits that are less useful to you while you’re trying to get ahead. Having a good head on your shoulders and making sound decisions, whether financial or otherwise, can make all the difference. It’s challenging to work on yourself all alone. In order to explore and work through areas of life that are less ideal, some people choose to see a therapist who can help them navigate difficult waters.

Others decide to lean on their spirituality and faith to guide them through the dark. Look for study bibles to aid you in better understanding the scripture you’re trying to live by. It can be helpful to buy multiple versions of study bibles, so you can compare the interpretations and find what really speaks to your life and needs. By healing yourself inside, you’ll assuredly be on a successful path.

3) Carpe Diem

Your definition might be tied up in the hopes of pursuing a dream. No one is ever going to give you permission to follow your dreams, so you need to seize the day yourself. Even if you feel like your dream is a pipedream, do something, anything to get yourself closer to the final outcome you’ve always wanted. If you’ve dreamed of being a successful actor, take an acting class. If you’ve always wanted to own a nonprofit that helps animals, do the necessary research on starting a 501c3. Allow yourself to believe that it could be possible, even if it’s just for an hour every day. You might be shocked by how attainable your success starts to feel in just a matter of a few weeks.

Regardless of what you do for a living, everybody wants to be successful in life. Success looks different from person to person, but the satisfaction that comes from being successful always feels great. By following an expert’s investment advice, reflecting on your life and goals, and putting yourself out there and seizing the day, you’ll be well on track to achieving your dreams in no time at all.


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