How to Become a Better Leader


Becoming a great leader requires an ongoing learning approach. Even natural-born leaders have a learning curve, and they won’t always get it right. In fact, the only thing that natural-born leaders have over everyone else is the confidence to take charge. Whether they are successful in their leadership or not is not guaranteed. Therefore, everyone needs to work on how to become a better leader.

The good news is that practice does make perfect. So long as you continue to analyze the results of your efforts, and try new things to help improve your skills, you will be on your way to becoming a wonderful leader yourself.

Earn a Certificate in Leadership

A leadership certificate can be an excellent way to improve your leadership style and your results. A simple five-day course can help increase your capacity to lead yourself and those under you. You will also gain insights in how you personally can become a better leader, and go home with new tools, techniques, and approaches that will help create change within your organization. This can be a great option for those who have recently been promoted to a new leadership role but don’t have much leadership experience under their belt.

Understand the Different Leadership Styles

A great way to develop your own approach to leadership is to start with the various leadership styles. While every great leader will use a mix of all traits to find their own approach, having a framework to get started is useful. You can try out different approaches to see what works for you, but for the best results try to analyze your efforts. Use tools to see how productivity, satisfaction, and results differ when you change things up in your leadership style.

Welcome Feedback and Suggestions

One of the best ways to improve as a leader is to get feedback. Feedback should be kept anonymous and it should be made mandatory. Every quarter require everyone to enter their feedback on the workplace, the environment, and your leadership anonymously. Encourage them to offer suggestions or feedback for you to keep in advisement.

It’s impossible to have a gods-eye view on your workplace. What you can do, however, is welcome different points of view so that you have a better, more robust understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to improve it.

Find the Right Tools

You will need to find the right tools in order to successfully manage a team both in-house and remotely. The tools you have now might have been the best but may not continue to be the best option as time goes on. Regularly audit the tools that you use and remember to train yourself and your team so that everyone knows how to use them most effectively.

Adjust Your Interpersonal Approach

While you may have your preferred leadership style, know that it will not work with every employee. It doesn’t take much effort to always adjust your approach to best suit those directly under you. If one employee thrives better when you use a gentler tone of voice when giving feedback and criticism do it. It costs you nothing and you will have a happier employee who will be more willing to work on improving themselves, rather than try to get out of this tense, hostile environment as soon as they can.


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