How to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Home Use


Did you know that one million Earths could fit inside of the sun? That’s right, the sun holds 99.8% of the solar system’s mass.

The sun’s huge size makes it the perfect energy source. It’s no wonder many homeowners are switching over to solar energy.

Are you ready to go solar? Read on to learn how to buy the best solar panels for home use.

Buying the Best Solar Panels for Home Use

To buy the best solar panels for home use, there are many considerations to make. Along with affordability, you’ll need to assess the facts about your home.

This simple checklist outlines what you need to know before buying solar panels:

  • The energy you currently use
  • System capacity
  • The direction that your roof faces
  • Necessary local council approval
  • System’s payback time
  • Required standards

In general, north-facing panels produce at the highest capacity so if your roof is not facing the correct direction, buying solar panels is not beneficial. You should also make sure that nothing is shading your roof.

Check that your roof is capable of holding the solar panel structures in place. If the roof cannot support the weight, you might need a roof replacement before starting the installation process.

You’ll need to purchase an inverter as it is a key part of the solar system. You may also need a solar storage battery.

Installation Process

The best-rated solar panels for home use are a little more complicated to install. Although it is possible to DIY, your best bet is to hire a solar installation company.

If you’ve already purchased the solar panels without hiring an installation company, speak to your supplier to see if they offer special pricing for installs.

Best Type of Solar Panel for Home Use

The best type of solar panel for home use isn’t one-sized fits all. The panels that work best for your home will be based on specific needs. These are the top things you should consider when shopping for solar panels:


The best value solar panels are those that remain efficient through the entirety of their lifespan. The most efficient solar panels perform well in adverse conditions and show low levels of degradation.

Pro tip: The more efficient the panel, the less roof space it will take up.


When you compare solar panels, you’ll want to check the performance of each. Look for a brand that has a high output ratio. A manufacturer should provide a guarantee based on the solar panel’s performance.


The most efficient solar panels tend to come with a warranty but the details of it depend on the manufacturer. Product warranties can range anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Are You Ready to Go Green?

When searching for the best solar panels for home use, there is much more to consider than cost. First and foremost, you need to make sure your home is the right fit for a solar system.

Once you figure that out, you can compare solar manufacturers based on efficiency, performance, and warranty. Go green today by buying solar panels!

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