How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Company


Planning of going green and switching to renewable energy?

Reducing your carbon footprint is a good way to save the planet. At the same time, you’ll attract more consumers. Most people prefer eco-friendly companies.

That said, you shouldn’t hire the first installation company you find. You might overspend and not get your money’s worth.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Keep reading our list below to learn how to find the right energy provider today:

Licenses and Credentials

Before you even consider the costs, make sure you hire a company that has all the legal permits and licenses. Make sure the company has a business permit, certificates to handle solar equipment and solar panels, and training certificates for their employees.

If you don’t, you risk running into scammers who will overcharge you and might not follow proper safety protocols. There’s no guarantee you’ll have a valid warranty or that the panels will last as long as they should.

Installation Costs

There’s no doubt solar ownership can save money in the long run by switching, but the initial down payment can be a bit high. It’s a hurdle for some so make sure you check first how much the company charges.

Keep in mind that the costs extend for a few years. Break down the monthly premium. One company might charge more initially but you’ll save cash with the monthly fees, making them the better option.

Have a budget and compare your options. Check which companies fit into your limits but still offer the best panels and customer service.

Experience Matters

While it’s true that newer companies can offer good service, there’s no denying that installers with experience are a better choice. They have the skills, tools, training, and portfolio to prove their worth.

How can you gauge their experience? Ask for a portfolio. Look at the houses and businesses that they already worked on.


Always make it a point to hire an installation company close to you. The farther away they are, the more you’ll have to spend on transportation costs. After all, they have to carry all those panels and other equipment to your home.

Proximity also affects the cost of maintenance. You’ll want a company you can call back for repairs. If they live too far, it might take them too long to arrive and deal with your concern.

Read Reviews

Don’t forget to read reviews and testimonials.

People trust reviews and for a lot of good reasons. These come from actual clients who have first-hand experience working with the company.

Do their panels efficiently save energy? Were there hidden fees? Go ahead and ask questions or scan reviews that provide answers to determine if they’re the right choice.

Find the Right Installation Company

Now you know how to find the best installation company for solar panels. Make sure they’re a legitimate business, within your area, and affordable. Take time to read reviews and check if they have the skills and experience worth paying for.

Did you find this guide on solar companies useful? We invite you to continue reading more of our posts to discover more tips and tricks. We have guides on business, finance, career, and more!


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