How to Clean Different Kinds of Rugs


Rugs play a major role in adding beauty and style in a house. When you add rugs in your rooms or living, it instantly gives a complete look and brightens up your area. Where curtains and paintings add beauty on the walls, carpets, and rugs enhance the beauty of the floor. There are different kinds of rugs and require different kinds of treatment when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning rugs is different for the different types of rugs but cleaning and maintaining them is not difficult at all. One of the key tip to maintain your rugs is to wash off the stains as soon as you get it. It will help you to keep your carpet away from having stubborn long-term stains and add life to your rug.

It’s not mandatory to call a professional service provider to visit and clean your rug and spend a lot of amount on cleaning. You can do it yourself at your home in a much cheaper way. To find out how to do oriental rug cleaning, area rug, or any other type of rug cleaning, reading this article will be helpful for you.

1) Oriental Rugs Cleaning:

Oriental rugs are the antique-style rugs and always trendy for the people with a classy taste of interior. Oriental rugs are never out of fashion, expensive and it demands special care. It gives your area a royal look.

If you have an oriental rug, vacuum it at least twice a week. While vacuuming it, place nylon screen on it. It is advisable to get professional services in a year or two but if you want to save your money, you can wash it at home.

Hand washing an orient rug is a cheap and thorough method of cleaning. All you need is a rug washing shampoo or detergent, cleaning brush, and water. Wet it, shampoo it from both of the sides as it helps eliminates the dirt completely and let it air dry once are done cleaning. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight because the direct heat of the sun can fade away the dye of the rug.

2) Faux fur and Sheepskin Rugs:

Faux fur and sheepskin rugs add coziness and warmness in your bedroom. These are fluffy rugs that add extra style and luxurious touch.

Faux fur and Sheepskin rugs are a bit technical to clean due to its long yarn and faux. You don’t want to ruin the softness of the rug by washing it vigorously. It works with talcum powder for mild cleaning. Adding talcum powder for overnight and wiping it off in the morning can really help cleaning it but this method doesn’t clean off the rug completely. You can wash it with water too.

If you want to wash your sheepskin rugs at home with water, you need a few products like a wool wash, wire brush, and water. Mix wool washes with water and soak your rug in a warm water mixture for a half-hour. The water should be warm but not hot. After that clean, it but not robustly as it will damage the softness and fur of the rug. Squeeze out the water gently. Place it in the open air and when it’s almost dried, brush it to maintain its softness and fury look.

3) Area rugs:

Area rugs are so attractive and have amazing patterns and styles woven on it. It is suitable for all kinds of areas e.g. bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. When spread on the floor, instant life and color is added on the floors.

Area rugs can also be washed like Sheepskin and Oriental rug but oriented rugs are more delicate as compared to area rugs. To wash an area rug, mix carpet shampoo and water together and wash he rug complexly with it. Use a brush to scrub all the dirt and stains. Make sure that the product you are using is not affecting the colors of the rug. Scrub the carpet gently and dry it off in the air.

There are other kinds of rugs like wool rugs, silk rugs, jut rugs, polypropylene rug, etc. all the rugs are beautiful in their own ways but vary in material, price, and maintenance. To keep your rugs long life, avoid too much foot traffic on it especially of kids and the pets. Wash off the spills immediately before they leave their stains on it. Last, not the least, maintain your rugs well by regularly by vacuuming it at least twice a week.


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