How to Create an Electronic Signature


Have you ever noticed, when you go to the sites of state portals, you are asked to log in with a login or electronic signature? Since most people perceive electronic signatures as a challenge, everyone is used to registering on the site with a username and password and, as a rule, this leads to limited functionality.

Humanity has long moved into the era of electronic document management and the time has come to sign documents not with a handwritten, inked signature, but with an electronic signature. The electronic digital signature (EDS) is an analogue of your personal signature. When it comes to legal entities, it replaces the signature of the manager and the seal at the same time.

The advantages of electronic digital signature are:

  • reliability;
  • time saving;
  • access to electronic tenders.

What for and who needs an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is now necessary for any organization – a director, first and foremost, but also other employees who deal with electronic document flow. Without e-signature, you will not be able to register and enter your personal account at any trading platform.  In addition, e-signature facilitates access to public services; without it, it is impossible to participate in auctions or conduct your own.

Today, a huge part of banking operations are already available in the “mobile” space. People can do various things from their cell phones, such as pay bills, shop online, and get the services they want. Working on a mobile device has already become a common thing. However, just like on desktop computers, before starting work the user has to confirm not only his identity (authenticate himself), but also the action performed (expression of will). Just for this situation, electronic signature is the best solution. It is a secure, convenient, legally significant, affordable procedure. However, it’s not always easy to collect all these characteristics in a single solution on a smartphone or tablet.

The American company PandaDoc has created a unique automated document management platform that helps speed up the process of creating, managing and signing digital documents. The company’s mission is to turn tedious business operations into fast and paperless ones.

PandaDoc facilitates automation of various documentation as a service with built-in electronic signature, management and workflow control, document constructor and CPQ functions.

When you buy an electronic signature, you pay for the possibility to:

  • file a declaration;
  • send a request for a patent;
  • submit an application for patent reduction;
  • register/re-register/deregister cash desk;
  • make changes to the documents of the individual entrepreneur;
  • make reconciliation of accounts with tax authorities;
  • specify the payment, write an appeal to the Federal Tax Service;
  • close the IE.

And this is not a complete list of your options.

There are two kinds of electronic signature:

  • simple – it is a login and password, with it you can not check complex operations;
  • unqualified – it is generated on its own at services, it is not protected, and, for example, it will not be accepted in courts of law;
  • qualified – it is the most reliable, it is perfect for absolutely all services and systems.

The lifetime of a digital signature is 12 months; therefore it has to be renewed every year. In case the signature expires, it is impossible to renew it.

Undoubtedly, electronic signatures are necessary for all entrepreneurs today. You may use e-signature to submit reports to tax authorities, register cash desks, and perform many other useful operations. Electronic signature is your comfort, time, money and peace of mind.

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