How to Deploy an Employee Engagement Solution in Your Call Center for Success?


Employee engagement (sometimes called “employee morale”) is an essential issue to companies as it impacts their productivity and how the employees are treating their customers.

Thus, there has been a surge in implementing engagement platforms to help companies improve call center employee experience.

As a call center manager, you must be aware of the different ways to deploy and use an employee engagement solution in your call center so that you can see better results.

How Do Employee Engagement Solutions Work for Call Centers?

Many employee engagement solutions work by gathering employee data to help identify areas that need improvement.

The collected data can include surveys, feedback tools, and analytics on working employees. The information is then used to create personalized action plans for each employee or team.

Some platforms also offer a social media-like interface where employees can share ideas and resources. These resources can be articles, videos, or e-books that provide valuable insight into managing certain situations in the call center. Employees can also post their success stories on this channel, which can help motivate others to do better in their work.

Some platforms even offer gamification features where employees are encouraged to compete to achieve specific goals. It can help increase excitement and motivation in the call center.

How to Deploy These Solutions?

There are a few ways to deploy an employee engagement solution in your call center. You can use it as a standalone program or integrate it with other software you are currently using.

If you use an existing performance management system, you can find many solutions that offer integration with this system.

It will allow you to get the essential data from other software without manually inputting it into another platform.

Here are some tips for their proper deployment:

Assess Your Current Situation

Before you can begin deploying any kind of employee engagement solution, you first need to assess your current situation. What is the current engagement level of your employees? What are the main areas that need improvement?

What is your budget for this project?

These are just some questions you need to ask yourself to get started. By having a clear idea of what you want to achieve with employee engagement, you’ll better select the right solution for your call center.

Determine the Right Solution for Your Call Center

According to statistics, 69 percent of employees say they’d work harder if they get better appreciation and treatment from their companies.

Employee engagement can be achieved in many different ways, some involving the use of software solutions while some do not. It depends on your requirements and what you want to achieve from this project. You should also take into account the size of your call center, as well as its culture.

Some standard employee engagement solutions that are used in call centers include:

  • Employee surveys
  • Recognition and rewards programs
  • Training and development programs
  • Interactive communication tools (for example, social media)

Pilot the Solution in One Department or Location

Once you’ve selected the right solution for your call center, you should pilot it in an area or department before rolling it out to the entire organization.

It will allow you to identify potential problems early on so that they can be fixed before their effects are felt throughout the rest of the company.

Communicate Your Employee Engagement Strategy

It’s not enough to deploy an employee engagement solution without informing your employees of its relevance to them.

They need to feel invested in the project to motivate them to participate, especially if these solutions involve their participation or input. Make sure you communicate your strategy with them through multiple channels (for example, e-mails, meetings, videos).

Measure the Success of Your Strategy

Even if you’ve done all these correctly, do not expect your employees to start working better or be more engaged overnight. There will be many challenges with any new project, so you must measure how well you’re progressing throughout the process.

Start by measuring your progress periodically (for example, quarterly) before you fully roll out your employee engagement solution in the entire company.

What Type of Data Can You Collect from Employee Engagement Software?

In addition to employee engagement software, you should also consider using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. These two types of solutions can work together as a comprehensive solution to aid call center employee experience.

Customer relationship management software is used to track and monitor customer interactions. You can then analyze it to understand customer behavior and preferences with this information. The data can be used to improve your customer service.

Employee engagement software can help you track employee interactions with customers. By understanding how your employees engage with customers, you can then identify areas that need improvement.

You can also use this data to measure the success of your employee engagement strategy.

Deploying an employee engagement solution in your call center is not a one-time event. It’s a process that should be maintained throughout the entire duration of the project, involving multiple tools and methods to get you where you want to be.


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