How to Design an Awesome Home Office


In 2020 more and more people are working from home than ever before. It helps if your work area is comfortable and appealing to make it a successful and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips on how to design an awesome home office.

Find a Space

Your home office can be a converted garage, a shed, a spare room, or just a designated area in your home. It doesn’t really matter where you set up your office, as long as you have sufficient space and are free from disturbances. It helps if it is a space that you can shut off from the rest of your home so you can draw a distinct line between work life and family life. It also saves you having to tidy up at the end of every day if you are in the middle of an important task.

Colour It

The décor of your office can have a significant effect on your mood.  Paint your area in soothing colors such as pale greens and creams if you want to create a calming, stress-free atmosphere. Green is also the most comfortable color on the eye. Blue is seen as an intellectual color. It represents trust, logic, communication, and efficiency. Use blue as the primary color in office areas that require focus and mental strain. Steer clear of flashy colors such as bright red and certain purple tones as they can be too loud and stir up strong emotions.

Floor It

If you are furnishing an area from scratch, choose durable materials for the flooring. Wood, laminate, vinyl, and tiles are robust materials that won’t get damaged by your office chair legs scraping across them, and they are easy to clean, should you spill ink or coffee.

Furnish It

The most important item of furniture for a home office is a desk. Buy a desk that fits the space well and is big enough for your computer, phone, desk clock, and stationery – but not so big that you have no room for anything else. If you are an architect or other professional who needs a large space for paperwork, look at drafting tables.

A comfortable chair is essential. Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair, which adds stress to the structures in the spine. Therefore, to avoid developing or compounding back problems, it’s vital to have an office chair that’s ergonomic, supporting the lower back and promoting good posture.

Storage cabinets and shelves are another necessity to keep your work area clutter-free. Having a place for everything helps you be more productive as you do not waste time looking for things, and a streamlined office makes for a clutter-free mind.  Label areas and storage to make life even easier, and consider investing in lockable storage to keep your work safe and away from your children’s prying hands.

Heat It

Ensure the temperature of your home office is comfortable. A heater for winter and air conditioning in summer will keep the space at an optimum temperature. If your workplace is too hot, you may become tired and irritable, and if too cold, it can hinder your workflow just as much. Open a window or door when you can to let fresh air in as it will rejuvenate your mind.

Light It

Natural daylight is the healthiest light.  An area with plenty of windows is best but if this is not possible, consider installing a daylight bulb with a blue tinge that will mimic sunlight.  Desk lights can offer good lighting options and can be adjusted or moved to suit your needs.

Personalize It

Making your home office more appealing for you to work in can be done by including some of your favorite pictures on the walls, photographs of your nearest and dearest on your desk, or mementos of enjoyable times or personal achievements gracing the shelves. Just be careful you don’t add too much, or you may find you become distracted and find yourself reminiscing about the day you took a particular photo or when you won the trophy sitting on your cabinet.

Relaxing music or radio may provide you with some background noise to mimic a professional office if that helps. A scented oil diffuser can perfume the air, and certain oils may also enhance concentration or invoke creativity. Air purifiers will make your space more comfortable and create a healthy environment in which to work.


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