How to Develop an SEO Plan for a SaaS Product?


The secret sauce to a Software as a Service (SaaS) company’s success is a scintillating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO is a powerful mechanism that can help maximize discoverability and target potential customers effectively. However, SEO for SaaS products requires specification and is a vast topic. It can be somewhat intimidating to figure out just where to start.

Read along for a breakdown of all the steps necessary to develop an effective SEO plan for a SaaS product—from keyword research and technical optimization to link-building techniques. 

Let’s dive right into the essentials of creating an excellent SEO strategy plan that benefits SaaS products!

SaaS SEO: What is it?

SEO for SaaS is a comprehensive strategy designed to help businesses maximize their online presence and visibility to potential customers. SEO is essential for SaaS companies since the success of any SaaS business depends heavily on gaining exposure and being found by the right people. Examples of SaaS products that use immaculate SEO strategies include some of the most renowned companies like MailChimp and Salesforce. 

The benefits of SEO for SaaS: Why you should invest in a robust strategy?

  • Optimizing your website for organic search makes it a beacon of reliability.

Quality content and good SEO can boost credibility with customers, as well as improve their positioning in search engines’ eyes. Show potential clients that you are serious about providing high-quality services by prioritizing visibility on SERPs.

SEO allows you to adjust your campaign budget according to cash flow. You’ll start seeing the benefits of Saas SEO sooner than later. Organic traffic will steadily increase as marginal cost plummets. 

  • It not only puts you where your customers are but also where your competitors aren’t.

Forget about relying solely on SERP rankings, and let email marketing, backlink promotions, social media & paid traffic skyrocket your SaaS’s brand awareness, so it stands in every place your customers exist – front and center.

While your competitors indulge in traditional marketing, your SaaS can become a lead magnet & the obvious option for leads via various SEO strategies

  • It helps you find your fish in the sea.

Visibility is the primary goal that SEO achieves for any SaaS brand, followed by attracting quality leads. SEO generates qualified prospects that have a high likelihood of becoming customers.

A step-by-step SaaS SEO strategy

Step 1: Revamp your website.

There’s a perfect protocol for revamping SEO hindering practices starting with ensuring that your meta tags are full of optimal keywords, your page speed is in check & that the website’s structure is optimized for web & mobiles. In addition to that, ensure that your website is structured in a way that’s easiest to navigate. 

Step 2: Satisfy the Google police.

Your Google Search Console account will show a coverage report which will also show the errors on your website and suggestions you need to implement to optimize your website. 

Step 3: Appease the search engines.

Optimizing indexability & crawling capability via reliable tools is essential as that’s how the search engines decipher your website’s worth & position. A few ways to do that include:

  • A reasonable schema markup;
  • Ensuring your URLs are accurate;
  • Adding redirects & inbound leads;

Step 4: The best bet is to make your content bait.

Good quality content comprises seamlessly integrated effective keywords and succinct & valuable content. Remember, content syndication will only be effective if the audience finds it worthy enough to know more! Make your primary step focus on keyword intent & targeting your exact user persona.

Step 5: Think out of the box.

Create other assets like podcasts, books, YouTube videos, and guest posts that help establish your brand’s image as a credible & renowned company! Add an excellent backlinking strategy & you have the recipe for the perfect off-page SEO optimization.

Bottom line

Patience is a virtue when you’re implementing SEO for your SaaS business. SaaS SEO consulting agencies understand that authority building & ranking doesn’t happen overnight with thousands of SaaS platforms, hundreds of which provide the same service as your SaaS, competing for your target audience’s attention.

SEO for SaaS is simple, significant & effective if strategized correctly. SEO for SaaS has a snowball effect, which means consistency is the key. Better your traffic by focusing on parameters like:

  • Content quality;
  • Link-building strategies;
  • Website layout;
  • Website loading speeds;

Netrocket is a specialist SEO consultancy that can help you with the perfect SEO strategy for your SaaS business. Get in touch to skyrocket your brand visibility with us.

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