How to Find the Best Custom Mobile App Developer


How to Hire an App Developer

If you are planning to launch a startup or want to digitize your existing company, you will have to hire custom mobile app developers to create a high-quality product that will help you achieve your business goals.

Choosing a Developer

Unless you are a skilled developer, trying to do this work on your own will be a waste of your time. A number of specialists all over the world are at your disposal.


These are the developers who usually charge the lowest. This is perhaps the only advantage of hiring freelancers. Everything else about them can potentially be a problem, such as, for example, a language barrier and a lack of obligations to you. A freelancer can be working on several tasks at once and end up not paying enough attention to your project. A specialist who works remotely and all by themselves can back out of this cooperation at any time for any kind of reason.

No freelancer is able to replace all of the members of a highly specialized team of professionals; therefore they are best suitable for solving simple problems.

In-House Developers

It is quite expensive to maintain a team of developers. You need to provide each specialist with a job and a salary. You will have to hire a project manager to control the process. Let’s add taxes and rental fees and we get the most expensive option.


This is the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable way to develop an application. You can choose a specialized agency that will provide a complete list of services: from the development of the concept to app maintenance after the release. Outsourcing companies have a long history of operating and are ready to provide a variety of ready-made solutions that will satisfy your business goals.

Ask Potential Developers the Right Questions

Choosing the wrong developer can lead to huge losses. A few of our tips will help you find the perfect developer.

Explore Available Information About the Developer

The more ready-made projects a developer can present to you, the more you can trust them. Check out the portfolio on their website – will find all the information the company uses to attract potential customers. Various social networks can be a source of additional information about the company.

Read Reviews About the Company

You can easily find this information on the developer’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Be sure to ask whether the company has ever had any clients from your country or city. Get to know them, ask their opinion on the quality of the product. An important thing is to find out whether the company has ever worked with large regional and international brands.


Find out how well the managing staff and developers speak English. It’s easy to test this – contact the company in any convenient way. And find out what communication tools you will be using in the process of developing the application.

Pay attention to the time zones. Chatting at night is inconvenient for both sides.

Payment and Agreements

Discuss the hourly wages for the developers and the payment procedure with the project manager. Ideally, you should have an invoice based on real hours that would correspond to the previous estimate of the project.

The company must be ready to sign an NDA.

Common Mistakes in Choosing an App Developer

A competent developer will not only fulfill all of your requirements but also rely on their own experience to make your project even more valuable. To avoid potential problems, pay attention to the most common mistakes people make when hiring app developers.

  • It is not the best decision to choose the developer who offers the lowest price. An experienced developer knows their own worth and will never agree to work for $5 per hour. The cheapest prices are charged by beginners and incompetent developers.
  • Make sure the developer understands the concept needed for your business. A short conversation will be enough to see if the person understands the technical specifics of the product.
  • Be sure to check whether the developer has actually worked on app development and whether those apps are featured in the app stores. Download those apps and test them for any flaws yourself or with the help of a trusted specialist.
  • Do not start your app development before determining the full and final project concept, which should be based on market analysis and functional characteristics.
  • Before finally deciding on the project concept with all of its important details, request a step-by-step description of each stage of development. This document is usually provided by professional teams as a formal project proposal.
  • In the app development contract, be sure to pay attention to what kind of responsibilities the developer will have after launching the application. We are talking about whether the team can take care of fixing bugs, developing future versions, and scaling the project.

NIX United is a software development team that has been operating since 1994. We have more than 2,000 specialists who are capable of taking on a task of any level of complexity. We will be happy to assist you in your business development.


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