How to Find Your Side Hustle + Start Making Money Today


There are many reasons why you may feel inspired to pick up some extra cash this year.

Whether you’re a broke college student, a worker worried about the fate of the labor market, or just want some extra cash to spend on a night out with friends, you might be wishing your bank account had a little extra cushion. Here are several smart side hustle ideas to put some extra cash in your pocket without compromising your studies or full-time job.

You never know… Your experience in working side hustle jobs could potentially prepare you for the careers of tomorrow.


Are you a lifelong learner who feels like you have something to offer the next generation? You might consider getting involved in a tutoring program. There are many options to help kids of all ages, whether you want to tutor young kids online in an ESL program like VIPKid, or prefer to work with high schoolers on SAT/ACT prep.

You can also consider helping a group of kids in a remote learning “pod,” as many schools are still closed due to Covid-19. Search your local job boards for tutoring gigs, or ask your friends if their family needs help tackling online learning.


Babysitting is arguably the most timeless side gig, and for a good reason. Although it may give you flashbacks to age 13, babysitting is a very lucrative option to consider as it is extremely flexible, and an easy way to make $15-30 per hour (usually in cash). Making a profile on SitterCity, UrbanSitter, or searching for a Facebook group is a great place to get started.

Dog Care

If hanging out with kids isn’t for you, consider joining a dog walking service. With dog care, you can easily make money getting fresh air and working with animals. Services like Rover and Wag offer dog walking, sitting, or drop-in pet care options and you can easily make $20 per afternoon in your free time.

Sell Your Stuff

Is your closet due for a spring cleaning? Consider selling last season’s clothes on Poshmark, or your unused treasures on eBay or Amazon. It is easy to sign up for these services and you set the price for your items. But beware, they will take a small percentage of your sale as a charge for using their platform! If you want to avoid fees and are open to haggling, try selling on Facebook Marketplace instead.

Temp Work

If you are still in school or you aren’t quite ready to search for your dream job, consider applying for temp work. There are many temp staffing agencies that can give you a day, a week, or a month of work at a reputable company for $10-15 per hour. In my early 20s, I was able to earn an extra $200 per week temping at a local office and it made a huge difference! The only downside is most temp work will be during the workweek, so be sure to coordinate your school and work schedules with the temp agency.


If you don’t have a budgeting app on your phone, now might be a great time to get one. The easiest way to find extra cash is to audit your own spending habits. If you have any “free trial” subscriptions that have started charging you a monthly fee, canceling those could give you an extra $10-50 this month. If going out to lunch every day is adding up, perhaps try just Fridays this month.

Whether you are a broke college student, a recent grad looking for extra cash while on the hunt for a new job, or just saving money for that dream vacation, there are many ways in which you can make a side hustle work with your schedule and start making money today.


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