How to Get a Digital Sports Sponsorship Contest?


The real revolution in sports sponsorship came with the TV coverage of sports events in the 1940s and 50s. With time, sports events started being broadcasted globally, giving brands an opportunity for global viewership.

Social media and other digital advancements have brought new possibilities for brands to increase visibility and improve their sponsorship message.

Here are a few tips to help you get digital sports sponsorship.

1) Do Your Research

Before getting parties into a digital sports sponsorship contest, you must provide information about what your social media presence can offer to interested parties. You can focus on the following issues:

  • The number of social media followers.
  • Your social media reach.
  • Audience demographics.
  • How does your organization rank among other social media accounts?

You can make this report to make sponsorship asks by turning these questions into answers.

You can also research your existing sponsors and evaluate whether their goals and interests align with your organizational or project goals. Research can also reveal whether these existing sponsors could help you find new sponsors.

2) Embrace Creativity

Social media continually evolves, and creativity wins high marks when dealing with sponsors. Creativity can help you get digital sports sponsorship as companies always look for new ways to share their messages.

Even small touches of creativity mean a lot when seeking sports sponsorship. For instance, if an organization decides to provide free drinks to players in a football match, the sports team could find it necessary to express gratitude through a post in their monthly newsletter, giving the drinks company free sponsorship.

3) Tell a Story

In today’s digital world, there is a need to tell a story when looking for sports sponsorship. Your story should consider telling the audience the features that make you special alongside the elements that could make your story appealing to potential sponsors.

Another important thing to consider when telling a story is memorable dramatization, which involves using dramatic music and words to describe people’s perceptions about a certain issue in sports.

Evocative visuals can also help your organization tell the audience a story. For instance, you could consider posting athletes shouting, yelling, or expressing joy during an event to capture the audience’s emotions.

You can also consider using repeatable sound bites with which the audience can relate. In addition, you could consider providing your audience with shocking facts.

4) Create Mutually Beneficial Content

Consider taking your digital sports sponsorship to the next level by creating content that benefits both your organization and the sponsor.

You can use videos and photos as they help your sponsor to showcase the good work they are doing within the community. In addition, photos and videos are highly shareable, making it possible for your content to reach a larger audience.

5) Provide Incentives for Sponsors

Getting into a digital sports sponsorship contest requires you to sweeten the deal through open communication with the sponsors on the benefits involved in the partnership. Keep in mind that sponsors are looking for opportunities where they will increase their visibility.
Some of the ways your organization can offer to sponsors include:

  • Social Media Content.
  • Branded Videos.
  • Event Goodies.
  • Marketing and Promotional Collateral.

6) Make a Plan

Getting into a digital sports sponsorship contest requires you to create a plan that shows how your firm’s online presence will be beneficial.

You can arrange a meeting with your sponsors so that you get to understand exactly what they wish to accomplish. Most sponsors will like to work with your organization, where they develop solutions tailored to their own goals.


The future of sports sponsorship depends on the willingness of brands and sports teams to collaborate toward achieving the greatest mutual benefit. With the emergence of many social media channels, brands have a wide range of options to reach a greater audience.

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