How to Get Started in Digital Marketing


Rapid advancements in technology and the age of internet marketing have made it critical for all businesses to have a web presence. Without a robust website and innovative digital advertising solutions, staying competitive and successful is exceedingly challenging. More than 80% of buyers will research a brand and its products on the internet before finalizing their purchasing decision. eCommerce or conventional brick-and-mortar stores, everyone needs a virtual storefront to connect with customers and advertise their presence in the industry. Businesses must adapt to the changing environment, and digital marketing can get them there.

You Don’t Need Extensive Training and Credentials.

The beauty of digital marketing as a career is that you won’t need extensive training and qualifications to work in the field. Even if you’ve been working in any other profession, you can successfully pivot your career and switch to a new arena. You can acquire the necessary skills by signing up for online digital marketing courses and getting accreditation. You’ll also check out various resources available on the internet to help you hone your skills with detailed information. Whether you’re looking for tips on finding clients, snagging projects, delivering on the job requirements, or collecting wages, all the details can be found with a little research.

Choose the Digital Marketing Channel that Matches Your Talents

The digital marketing field is a dynamic, ever-evolving industry with new disciplines emerging all the time. You’ll undoubtedly identify the niche where you can offer services according to the inherent talents and aptitude you possess. So, what are you good at? Are you great with numbers? A career as a marketing analyst could be right up your alley. This job requires conducting research, gathering relevant data, analyzing it according to client requirements, and creating reports. Do you have a knack for posting on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? You could monetize this talent by starting a career as a social media marketing expert.

Advertise Your Services with a Website

Building a website to advertise your skills not only gives your newly acquired skills a platform, but also serves another important purpose. You’ll experiment with the techniques you’ve picked up and learn on the job. As you continue developing the site, you’ll get hands-on experience and understand what works and doesn’t. By the time you’re ready to work on projects for clients, you’ll have acquired extensive knowledge of the field. Sign up for a WordPress site and theme and start exploring what you can do with it. Getting and maintaining a domain name is cheap, and at the onset, you need not worry about logos and brand names. All that can come later.

Build a Professional Network

Several online sites are available where you can create a free profile and connect with professionals working in the digital marketing field. Check out sites like LinkedIn, Xing, Goodwall, Meetup, and The Dots, to name a few. You can build a network of like-minded individuals who can help you get jobs and projects. Following successful personalities who post regularly on these platforms will give you more information on how the industry works. Reading up on success stories will not only inspire you but also knowledge about the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Start Applying for Projects

Check out the many hiring platforms on the internet that connect you with clients looking to hire people with your skills. Sign up with reputable sites like Upwork, Freelancer, FlexJobs, Freeup, and Guru, to name a few. Do keep in mind that developing a profile with positive reviews is a time taking process. Along the way, you’ll work with clients and gain valuable experience on the job. Pay scales in the initial stages may not seem worth it, but you might consider these gigs as internships where you’ll work to gain experience and build your profile. Once you demonstrate that you have the skills, you can successfully apply for and get higher-paying positions.

Volunteer Your Time to Help People

Don’t pass up on any opportunity to learn. Volunteer your time to assist friends with projects or at the local community organization. Be open to picking up assignments even if you’re doing them for free. Focus on the experience you’re getting and how these gigs will look on your resume. Projects like these will also help you expand your network and connect with people who watch you execute the tasks successfully. They may contact you in the future about employment opportunities.

Building a career as a digital marketer is not just a lucrative option, but it’s also fun. Step into this dynamic, rapidly evolving industry, and you’ll enjoy using your creative skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn new things, challenge your capabilities, and grow as a professional.


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