How To Integrate CTV Advertising Into Your Promotional Campaigns 

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CTV, or connected TV, combines television with a device or program that enables it to stream video content online. Many brands offer devices like dongles, USB sticks, modems, and gaming consoles that allow you to watch films, animation, music videos, and even play various games.

CTV can also be used to promote campaigns and advertising. It is a part of a USD$20-billion-dollar industry that opens another way to reach targeted audiences through a convenient ad-buying process. Here are ways to use CTV for your product or service campaigns.

How CTV Advertising Works

Connected television (CTV) advertising works similarly to regular television ads. But instead of viewing ads through television networks, viewers will see the ads while watching movies, TV shows, and other forms of video content on online streaming platforms and video-sharing sites. You can choose which platform to promote your products or services and what type of ad to use for your campaigns. Examples of these are display ads or video format.

Another unique feature of CTV advertising is geo-targeting. For example, you can choose which location to air your campaigns to reach your locality. Advertisers can even monitor the results of their ad campaigns on CTV to help you develop strategies to improve outcomes.

Ad Formats You Can Use On CTV

  • In-Stream Video Ads 

These ads are 15 to 30 seconds long and are the most common type of marketing video ads that viewers can see across different platforms. They can appear in between programs and are unskippable. Marketers can utilize their existing ads making it a cost-effective way to advertise on CTV.

Those who use in-stream video ads can choose settings:

  • Pre-roll – the ad plays before the video content that the viewer wants to watch
  • Mid-roll – an ad plays in the middle of the content wherein a countdown will appear
  • Post-roll – the ad plays after watching the content

In-stream video ads are versatile, and businesses use them to promote various ads. As mentioned, marketers can use ads that have already been featured on television. It can be a 60-second funny and entertaining ad related to your products or services. A call-to-action is also emphasized that informs the viewers on what to do next.

One of the benefits of in-stream videos is that they can’t skip the ad if it’s within the allowable 30 seconds, motivating them to watch it. Viewers who want to continue watching their preferred video must view the ad fully before resuming.

  • Interactive Video Ads 

When a video ad allows the user to click on them, it opens the viewer to a broader source of information. Brands that enable interactive video ads provide an immersive experience to potential customers and clients, making them more likely to convert sales.

They are similar to in-stream video ads, but this type displays a clickable button or link that will take the viewer to a landing page.

For example, a popular car brand uses a video that depicts the two identities of a car. By day, the driver – a family man drives his family around. When you press the R button, another video depicts the same man chasing thieves.

  • Home Screen Ads 

These ads are placed on your home screen. They won’t get your campaigns the same attention as ads that viewers can’t skip, but they can promote brand awareness. Like interactive ads, you can click on them, redirecting the viewer to product information.

These ads will appear as viewers browse through featured shows or movies. CTV advertisers can initiate retargeting to make ad placement more efficient. For instance, they can use the home screen ads for the same viewers likelier to watch in-screen ads.

The home screen will feature a specific number of rotating ads and sit behind recommended featured shows and the apps you subscribe to. They will sometimes occupy a large portion of the home screen to make them even more visible.

Use CTV For Your Ad Campaigns

  • Identify Your Target Audience 

CTV ad services allow marketers to purchase a spot for various ads. But before doing so, you need to determine your target market. Who are you selling to or your ideal customer? You must select age, income, location, interests, shopping behavior, and purchase history.

  • Choose Your Platform 

There are a few CTV platforms where you can buy CTV ads. Among them are video-sharing media with millions of active users worldwide. One is a website dedicated solely to movies and shows offering advertising options. There’s also a popular social media network featuring an app where you can also watch entertainment, sports, music, and more.

  • Select Your Creatives And The Type Of Ad Display 

Platforms offer various types of ads that you can use for your image or video ads. The selection makes it easier to choose the appropriate format for your campaign. For example, a short video depicts a child playing on a hot summer day. An older sibling then invites the child for ice cream. A clickable link appears and leads to the ice cream brand’s official website, which features new and existing flavors.

  • Track Your Metrics 

Set the performance benchmarks for your ad once you get information on the metrics. Do a split test on various creatives, such as images and videos, and compare the results. You can tweak your ad campaign depending on the results.

In Conclusion

Connective TV advertising allows businesses to expand to a different advertising world where they get more exposure. They offer various ways to advertise your campaigns more effectively than regular television viewing. Select your CTV vendor carefully and discover what these platforms can do for your business.

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