How to Keep SEO Costs Low in 2023


Search engine optimization (SEO) has been an essential component of digital marketing for decades. Though Google and other search engines have radically changed their algorithms in recent years in attempts to reduce the impact of SEO tactics, the truth is that SEO has become even more vital to the survival and success of companies in the post-pandemic era. Yet, because search algorithms are s immensely sophisticated, SEO is no longer a digital marketing strategy that businesses can manage on their own — and many small, new and struggling organizations are eager to find ways to cut SEO costs while continuing to rank in search results.

Fortunately, there are ways for businesses to build success with budget SEO. Here are a few tricks for keeping SEO costs low while remaining competitive on the search results page.

Partnering With the Right SEO Firm

SEO is an immensely complex and ever-changing field within the broader multifaceted and critically important field of digital marketing. SEO professionals train their knowledge and skills through years of real-world experience, in which they learn existing practices and develop new strategies as search algorithms evolve. All this is to say that hiring a dedicated SEO expert onto an in-house team will be remarkably expensive and generally not worthwhile to an organization.

Instead, companies should partner with an SEO firm — or a digital marketing firm that uses SEO resellers to provide high-quality SEO services to clients. More accurately, companies should find an SEO partner that can deliver exactly the services they need at the prices they can afford. Though most quality SEO services should align with industry standards in cost, variation in location and expertise can reduce prices somewhat. Business leaders should vet potential SEO providers and receive several bids before moving forward with a particular SEO partner.

Choosing the Right SEO Services

Though SEO is absolutely mandatory in the Digital Age, not all SEO services are necessary for every organization. As the internet has matured, SEO services have diversified to ensure that different types of companies can achieve different types of success. Some examples of different types of SEO services include:

  • Organic SEO, which involves moving up the rankings of unpaid search engine results
  • Barnacle SEO, in which a smaller website benefits from the high ranking of a larger website
  • Local SEO, which involves ranking higher in search results of local web users
  • YouTube SEO, in which YouTube search results rankings are affected
  • On-page SEO, which manipulates a company’s webpages to boost search engine rankings
  • Off-page SEO, which includes SEO tactics used outside of a company website
  • Technical SEO, which refers to website and server optimizations that facilitate search engine indexing
  • Social SEO, in which social media sites are impacted by SEO strategies
  • Black hat SEO, which uses underhanded and sometimes dangerous techniques to achieve ranking goals

Within different categories of SEO are various distinct services, like keyword research, SEO auditing, guest blogging and citation building, which contribute to an effective SEO strategy for reaching certain objectives. Business leaders should evaluate which services will be necessary in achieving their organization’s goals. Then, they can keep SEO costs low by avoiding superfluous services.

Fixing the Company Website

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve SEO — without assistance from an SEO professional — is to keep the company website in good condition. One of the most important updates that organizations should make to boost their search engine ranking is investment in responsive website design, which allows the website to shift in size and layout depending on a user’s device. Responsive websites are important for user experience across devices, especially as mobile browsing continues to rise in popularity. Additionally, companies should consistently work to increase their website page speed, another critical aspect of user experience.

Content marketing is closely associated with SEO, considering that search engines tend to rank websites with more and higher-quality content in more authoritative positions in search results. Companies should put time and effort into their blogs, building up a large amount of long-form content that can contain internal links, directing users and search engines to more pages around the site. If businesses can utilize the expertise of employees to draft and publish content, they can keep costs low.

SEO is no secret — most business leaders recognize its importance in building success. Though SEO costs can climb, companies can keep their SEO spending under control by being judicious with their SEO partnerships and services and by continuously investing in website improvements.


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