Use Setting How to Know That You are Buying an Original Gold Watch


Watches are an object of desire for everyone, but not all watches are so inexpensive. The value of the watch requires some knowledge to distinguish between an original and a replica. A limited budget can still enjoy the luxury of owning an expensive watch by buying one at auction or via private parties. Buying an original Rolex gold watch requires some knowledge on the user’s part.

The history of replica watches is rich and varied, but there are different types of replicas. Some of them are more difficult to distinguish than others. This article shows how you can discover if your watch is original or a replica. You will be able to learn how to distinguish between an original gold Rolex watch and a replica in a matter of minutes.

Here is how to distinguish between an original and a replica Rolex Gold Watch

The lens of the watch

First, let’s examine the lens. If you have to remove them from the strap or from the case of your watch to see if it is real or not, then there is a very high probability that it is a replica, as almost all Rolex watches are equipped with sapphire glasses. Sapphire is very hard so it cannot be scratched by any other material, except diamonds or corundum (the latter is also used to make diamonds). If you take the time to read the small print on your watch, you will probably find that it says “sapphire glass.”

Rolex has patented the “OCR” (optical color refining) technique which gives your watch glasses a unique blue color. When light passes through them, they tend to give off light in a slightly different shade of blue that is often called Rolex Blue. This effect can be noticed on both sides of the lens.

Second, if you notice that the lens of your watch has a green, red or milky color (instead of blue), then it is likely that you are not looking at an original Rolex. This applies even if your watch is new and never worn; this wear is often made by replica manufacturers to make them look more like originals. If you find these two characteristics on your watch, there is a high probability that it is a replica. Generally speaking, the more features you find in this paragraph, the more likely your watch is a counterfeited one.

The bezel of the watch

Some replica manufacturers use ceramic instead of metal to create the rotating bezels that are found on many Rolex watches. Others use a metal bezel but make it look like ceramic. Ceramic has a very distinctive appearance compared to metal, as shown in the picture above. The most visible details are that ceramic is opaque instead of transparent and is more reflective than metal. You can also find many Rolex watches with rotating bezels on eBay or other replica sites.

The logo and inscriptions on the watch

If your Rolex has a green color in the “O” of Rolex, your replica is very poorly made. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is original. The use of sapphire glass by Rolex has been widespread since 2005. If you have an older watch with a non-sapphire glass, it is more likely to be a real watch that was manufactured prior to 2005. However, if your watch is new and never worn, this might not apply.

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If your watch is equipped with sapphire glasses, colored lenses and the colors of the inscriptions on your watch are correct, you can give yourself a pat on the back for selecting an original gold Rolex. If one or more of these three characteristics is missing from your gold Rolex replica, then it has a high probability of being fake.


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