How To Leverage Technology for Success When Working From Home in 2023


As remote work opportunities continue to develop, the market is flooded with free Teams backgrounds and other tech gadgets to make the virtual office feel more comfortable. Even with the addition of various amenities, adapting to remote work is challenging for many people.

Thankfully, even for people who miss conventional office life, there are ways to leverage technology to ensure success when working from home. There are at least four things you can do to help you succeed professionally in 2023.

1. Decreasing Distraction Effectively

The best piece of advice for any remote worker is to limit distractions. Unfortunately, the execution of the advice is much easier said than done. Phones, family, internet, TV, etc., all present unique challenges to working from home.

If you want to decrease or eliminate distractions, you need to set boundaries, but the boundaries must be realistic. For example, you can’t demand absolute quiet for eight to 10 hours of the day. However, you can set up an office in a bedroom or basement with a door and ask your family to stay out for the workday.

2. Using Tech To Streamline Your Workflows

Using a virtual office background with logo is one way to use tech to improve your work life, but it is not the only way to increase productivity or workflows. Google Chromebooks allow you to set up numerous virtual desktops. The desktops will enable you to create workspaces with only the apps you need for work or a particular project, meaning you have fewer distractions.

You can find many other devices or applications that can improve your workflow. Some items to look into are monitors, ergonomic keyboards, HD webcams, noise-canceling headphones, etc.

3. Upgrading Your Internet Speed

There is nothing worse when working from home than having a slow internet connection. You should not have time for a coffee break every time you load a new page or switch documents.

If you work from home, look into fiber optic internet or other high-speed options. You may not think the upgrade will make much of a difference, but it will, especially when it comes to output and maintained focus.

The best part is most internet providers frequently offer new subscribers or clients deals with steep discounts. Often, the lower price you sign up for is the price you’ll have for a year. After the year, you can shop around again to find a lower offer.

4. Avoiding Zoom Fatigue

While you can find Zoom office background free, it is essential to remember that Zoom life is tiring. Virtual meetings somehow seem more demanding than in-person meetings. For your mental health and well-being, limit Zoom meetings to only once or twice per week, if possible. Attending too many Zoom meetings will lead to fatigue.

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. The best thing you can do is find ways to leverage technology to make your experience more comfortable and productive. If you are unsure how to leverage technology, consider talking to a virtual office specialist or a career coach.


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