How to Live With Anxiety


We all tend to feel anxious from time to time. We’re programmed, as such, to feel anxious when we’re faced with danger. Our fight, flight, or freeze response kicks in and our body prepares us for a potential attack, or to help us run away. However, when we feel anxious much of the time, it can become an issue. However, when we feel anxious most of the time, it can become an issue. If you live in New York, it may be a wise idea to get your NY medical marijuana card online in order to combat anxiety the natural way. Now, getting certified is easier than ever, as you can do it from the comfort of your own home via a scheduled video conference.

Too much anxiety can cause problems in our daily lives. The good news is that with a bit of work, you can learn to live with and challenge your anxiety.

Question Your Thoughts

The next time you’re feeling anxious try questioning your thoughts. If a friend was reacting to a situation the same way you are, would you think they were reacting reasonably? Try to look at the situation from another perspective. Is your reaction logical or has your anxiety made it worse?

What would you say to someone who was reacting the same way? Chances are you’d be nice to them and help them feel better. Do the same for you.

Try Some Alternative Remedies

Many people are happy to reach for some alternative remedies when they’re feeling anxious. Sometimes using calming oils such as lavender can help to soothe you. There are CBD products that can make you feel calmer, and there are herbal medicines that can also help.

You may find that some alternative remedies work well and help you to feel less anxious in the moment.

Write Your Thoughts Down

When you’re feeling anxious, a good way to deal with your feelings is to write your thoughts down. What has made you anxious? How are you feeling? What are your thoughts? How will you help yourself to feel better? Is there anything you can do that you know will help? What has helped you this time?

When you write your thoughts down, you help your future self. When you know what has helped you in the past, chances are you’ll try that method again.

Go For a Walk

The next time you feel anxious consider going for a walk. Sometimes just going outside and moving your body can help you to feel better. You don’t have to walk very far, but the greener your surroundings are, the better. We were made to be in nature so being in a park, by trees, or anything natural can calm us all down. Go for a walk, surround yourself with nature and chances are you will start to feel a little better.

Speak to Your Doctor

If your anxiety is overwhelming or you have anxiety much of the time please speak to your doctor. They might be able to help you find a solution to or a way of dealing with your anxiety. Your doctor is used to helping people who have anxiety and they can recommend treatment options or medication.

It is possible for you to live with and deal with your anxiety. Use the above tips to help you make a difference to your next anxiety attack and ultimately, your life.

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