How To Make Hot Desk Software Work in Your Office


Office space has been costly for many companies for a long time. Some firms are unable to stand the pressure of debts arising from office space. Others end up being auctioned due to rent debts. This has led companies to figure out ways to cut down these costs. Reducing the number of employees has been one of the approaches used among others. A hot desk is a solution for an ideal workspace. A hot desk is an arrangement where a work desk is used by different employees at various times. Hot desk software demands several employees to use one workstation at different times of the day or month. Here are several ways on how to use hot desk software in your office.

The Custom Control Desk

As the pandemic continues to reduce, companies have slowly started to move back to working in the office rather than remote. However, social distancing is still a wise idea. To keep pace with the changing times, employers have adopted custom control desks in their hot desk software. By using this modern intranet, one can block seats on the desk booking software so that employees cannot access them. This added software feature is easy to install. It is helpful to help maximize workspace and create a secure working environment.

Auto release Unused Reservations

Sometimes, employees might forget to check out after using reserved seats. Others book workstations and do not show up. These actions may inconvenience other users who might be waiting for the same places. To avoid such an incident, one can enable the “auto release” option on the hot desk software to free up space for other users.

Simple but Smart Rules

To make hot desk software work efficiently for all the people in the office, it is important to set rules. Determine stations depending on the function and also limit some seat bookings for safety. Direct on sanitation procedures, employee feedback on surveys, approval, and certification among many more. You can reserve specific working stations for people with special needs. Ensure that these set rules and standards are reflected in the booking software.

Avert Ghost Booking

With the advancement in technology, there is an increase in worker misbehavior such as ghost working and ghost booking. As the admin, you can do away with ghost booking by automatically recapturing booked but empty spaces. You can do this from the hot desk software and easily catch late and absent workers.

The Workspace Configuration

If you want hot desk software to work in your office, then make it happen. Make the working environment conducive by having configured working desks. Ensure that all the workers have a user-friendly app for the same. Indicate the number of floors, rooms, desks, and passages. Enable communication and automated alerts on the page for effective communications.

Hot desk software is not only useful to managers but also the workers. It helps in reducing space occupancy disputes, as anyone can sit anywhere within the office. With this system, it is easy for managers to track progress and also for employees to know where each other is. If you are looking to increase productivity during the post-pandemic period and the future, now you know the easy way to your dream.


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