How to Make Your Small Business Appear Bigger


Running a small business can involve a constant battle to compete against the big players in your industry. Many people are put off by ordering from a smaller company as they think that they are somehow going to be at risk. Maybe they think that the product will be inferior, or it will end up not being delivered at all.

One way of combatting this particular problem is by using some techniques to make your small business appear bigger. Essentially, this helps to reinstate a sense of trust that may otherwise have been missing.

So, if you would like some helpful tips, here is some advice on how you can achieve this particular feat.

Choose the Right Business Name

What’s in a name? Well, it can mean an awful lot in the world of business. If you have a business name that is too specific or localized, this can end up putting off people who would like to order your products from further afield. If you are just setting up a business, it is worth giving plenty of thought into your company’s name. Alternatively, you may have had a business name for some time, which is simply not doing the job any longer. As such, it may well be time to give it a refresh.

Build Up a Strong Brand

Once you have the business name set in stone, your next area of responsibility is to start building up a strong brand. There are various different elements involved in this. First of all, you have the logo to think about. Then, you have the overall color scheme that you come up with. On top of this, you have to think about the marketing materials and maintaining a sense of consistency throughout everything. Remember, a brand takes some time to build up, and you cannot expect to achieve results overnight.

Having a great brand definitely goes a long way towards you staying one step ahead of the competition. You should also think about the other individual details like a business email address that is not free like Gmail. Again, something like this can make it seem like you have a small and unprofessional outfit.

Create a High-Quality Website

One of the first areas of interaction the people are likely to have with your business is via the website. So, if this is not looking as good as possible, there is every chance that people will have a bad impression of your site right from the start. You need to think about all the individual details from the design to how easy it is to navigate around. Details like spam comments can make your site look unattractive. So you can disable comments if there’s a need. You should also think about trying to increase the loading speed as people are more impatient than ever before and are not likely to hang around for an extended period of time. You should also think about making your site responsive from a mobile viewing perspective as more and more people are accessing the internet using their phones rather than traditional devices such as laptops.

Use Automation and Outsourcing

While you may not have the capacity to hire a whole team of people to back you up, one possible way that you can get around this problem is via automation. This could mean getting your own virtual receptionist or an entire headquarters from

This can also help to take a lot of the responsibility level out of your own hands, freeing up more of your time to focus on the other areas of running your company successfully. Another possibility is to start to look into your outsourcing options. There are many different areas in which you could do this, such as customer service, marketing, or web design and development.

Ultimately, you just need to think about which aspect is going to have the biggest and most profound impact on your business.

Invest in Quality Copywriting and Imagery

There are few things that make a business seem unprofessional more than a website and marketing materials that are littered with spelling mistakes and stock imagery. If you do not have the skills available for yourself, plenty of websites give you access to a whole pool of freelancers. You can employ them on a short-term basis to get the core elements of your business set up. If you are happy with what they are doing, you can always employ them on a longer-term basis to take care of some of the aspects of your business that need a more consistent level of attention.

Continually Update Your Blog

One of the most important aspects of improving the search engine optimization of your website is the constant renewal of fresh content. Not only this, but if people click onto the blog page of your site and see that it has not been refreshed in a long period of time, this can lead them to think that your business is no longer operational, or you are simply not on top of looking after the various different elements of it.

To stop yourself from having to scrabble around looking for fresh blog content all the time, you could always come up with a blog content plan that you aim to stick with as closely as possible. Also, you should build in some room here to react to current news stories and give your own perspective on them, as this can help establish your voice as a ‘thought leader’ in your industry.

Interact with Customers on Social Media

One of the best ways of opening up a two-way stream of conversation with your customers is via your social media. They may even want to get in touch with you to deal with common queries that arise. Therefore, it is important that you commit to interacting with them on a regular basis. You should also come up with a content plan that involves regular updates.

Giving your business a bigger appearance can greatly help with sales and growth, thus driving your business on a successful route.


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