How to Manage a Fleet Company Like a Pro


Starting up a commercial fleet is a large task in and of itself. What happens when it comes time to manage it? From maintaining operational efficiency to reviewing data analytics, there’s a lot involved in fleet quality management. If you don’t know some of the key best practices, you’re going to struggle to keep up with the demands of your business.

So, do you need fleet management software? What about mobile apps? As fleet needs grow in the United States, it’s important to do your best to grow alongside them. In other words, asset reliability ensures your operations run without the hassle.

Quality Telematics

If you’re not familiar with the basics of telematics, it’s essentially a term that refers to devices that merge your telecoms and your infomatics. Many fleet management solutions include telematics to increase performance management. One of the critical telematics fleet vehicle solutions is your standard GPS. However, for the safety of more fleets, as well as for workforce management, navigation tools need to include more than simple directions. They should include vehicle tracking that provides real-time data to fleet managers.

This helps keep drivers on schedule and gives fleet managers greater performance insight. One of the best fleet company partners is EnVue Telematics. EnVue develops solutions that benefit your extensive operations and their telematics industry focus means their products are top of the line. EnVue Telematics is known for customer satisfaction and the benefits of data provided by this solution can help lower operational costs and shift your business strategy. Incorporating this type of intelligent vehicle technology is a prime way to increase productivity and gain insight into performance and growth. Depending on your specific needs, EnVue Telematics has multiple solutions that can contribute to your sustainability of operations and management.

Workforce Management

If you’re not using some form of workforce optimization solution, you’re going to have a hard time tracking employee performance. This is because workforce optimization is critical for businesses with years of transportation industry experience. The transportation industry sees a high amount of turnover and a workforce optimization platform can help you mitigate this and also assign roles. By implementing this at the right time, you’ll make smarter strategic decisions. Workforce optimization software can also provide detailed text analytics in real-time. The emergence of technology like this has greatly impacted the industry as a whole.

With workforce optimization, you’re examining specific positions across your fleet which helps you better allot staffing to maintain a lean workplace. These positions include human resources, customer service, financial services, and more. It’s an advanced technology that helps supervisors, managers, and every other employee. Think of it as a form of asset management.

Customer Service

Part of your overall management strategy needs to incorporate your customer service department. The voice of the customer needs to be heard if you want your fleet to succeed. With interaction recording and other advanced technology, you can accrue direct feedback on fleet processes that are working as well as those that need improvement. Not only does this benefit the customer experience and customer interactions but incorporating a call center software solution can make it that much easier to track contact center performance. It benefits your contact center processes, your contact center managers and supervisors, and even your stakeholders. The rich data you acquire can also improve customer interactions through information technology.

Managing a fleet business means balancing the voice of the customer, local governments, and workers all while maintaining Department of Transportation compliance and safety solutions. It’s a tricky act for many businesses. By including a service company’s user-friendly solutions and focusing on a great customer experience, you’re taking the right steps toward becoming a stronger manager and leader.


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